Guide to Babywearing – Benefits, Tips, Research and How to Do it Safely

Many people carry for a variety of different reasons, and it’s normal from an evolutionary point of view for humans to carry their children. All cultures around the world have some form of carrying in them, many having their own styles and ways of carrying.     In this blog, we collaborated with Zoë Woodman, from… Continue reading Guide to Babywearing – Benefits, Tips, Research and How to Do it Safely

Building a business after completing the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, with Rebecca Scott-Pillai

“I can pull in all this information that I’ve learned over the years and create a plan that is really holistic and evidence based, because I know the science behind the issues they’re experiencing” – Rebecca Scott-Pillai

Life after baby.. Talking sex, poo, tears and fitness! with Sarahjane West-Watson, Pregnancy and post natal core Personal trainer

“One thing that drives me bonkers is when it does come in to the mainstream conversation about getting yourself a towel, put a pad in, and it’s fine if you leak – dont worry about it. But it’s SO NOT OK if you leak, it’s a warning sign” – Sarahjane West-Watson

Becoming a Surrogate: One Woman’s Incredible Journey

“It’s one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do. It’s not just our hopes and dreams, it’s our families’, our friends’ as well. ” – Helen Greenwood

The Power Of Touch: Improving Connection With Baby Massage With Sejal Fichadia

“skin is the brain – on the outside!” – Sejal Fechadia

From nannying to growing a successful sleep coaching business Kerry Secker  – Sleep Consultant

Kerry Secker founder of Kerry Cares Parenting, paediatric sleep conultant.

“Yes branding is really important, but it evolves! You are so much more than your logo. Be yourself. The more genuine you are, the more you attract those clients you want to work with. Enjoy it and remember why you are doing it” – Kerry Secker

4 steps to attracting your ideal client in a way that feels authentic and builds connection – Anna Rumbold

“If you don’t have clarity in business, then your strategy is going to be based on assumptions rather than the needs of your ideal client” – Anna Rumbold

Branding Vs. Marketing ( & Why It’s Important to You) with Dee Woodward

“Your brand is what people think of you when you’re out of the room” – Dee Woodward

WHY FORMULA FEEDING MATTERS with Infant Feeding Specialist Shel Banks

“Would I love it if more people who started to breastfeed actually could breastfeed for longer? Yes? But that’s not the intention of this book. The intention of this book is that if people pick it up wanting to know about how to choose a formula or what to do if they’re having a problem that there is a resource for them – that’s the purpose of this book.” – Shel Banks

Not tongue tied anymore – Mags Kirk’s mission to help as many families as she can 

“It’s not just enough to have a look – you can’t diagnose a tongue tie just from looking. You have to assess how the tongue’s movement impacts feeding.” – Mags Kirk