What are the benefits of completing newborn maternity nurse placements?

Turning theory into hands-on experience, to build your confidence and boost your career.


Continuing your learning is good, but going that extra step and combining learning with practical hands-on experience is what sets you apart and makes you best-placed to confidently support parents of newborns of 0-3 months.


Gaining experience with newborns when starting your career is essential, and it’s a key requirement of most agencies. Our newborn maternity nurse placement scheme enables you to put theory into practice and helps you develop additional skills, knowledge, and confidence. 



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We understand that candidates attending our Maternity Nurse Training have different levels of experience. You will have a 1-to-1 consultation with one of the Babyem team, so we can really get to know you and your goals, and understand where you are in terms of your experience and confidence, and what your needs and requirements are. 


We recognise that some trainee Maternity Nurses need to develop confidence, and other candidates are looking to develop their experience caring for multiples, or babies with more complex needs. Because we have a range of placements available, your match can usually be tailored to meet your requirements.


We also go through your CV if you have one (and we provide additional training and tips on how to create or improve your CV)


Plus we explain the best way to undertake your first placement, including how to contact them. We guide you on what to say, and what to expect during the placement.


After our initial conversation you simply upload your details onto our secure portal and apply for placements with parents. You then have the flexibility to change the booking, and update details. 


We also check in with you during your placement, to give you additional support.

We are the only agency that always has a consultant from a leading Maternity Agency attending our Maternity Nurse Training courses. Candidates have fed back to us, how useful it is to meet agencies during the course, and build relationships early on. Agencies provide practical information regarding working as a Maternity Nurse, pay scales based on experience, contracts, and lots of additional tips and advice to help you. We believe our partnership with agencies is an essential part of helping candidates put the knowledge they have learnt during our course into context.

We understand the importance of having a support network around you to help you feel confident in your role as a Maternity Nurse. We are lucky to have a highly experienced Maternity Nurse Training team who are able to do just that! Our course tutors are qualified Paediatric Nurses, Health Visitors, Lactation Consultants and Sleep Specialists. Our trainers have extensive knowledge training GP’s, Nurses and Childcarers, as well as consulting for charities and the NHS.

Starting anything new can feel a little daunting at times! Often having someone to talk to when working with families is all you need to move forward again with confidence if you’re feeling stuck or unsure about something. 


This is why we team you up with a Babyem ambassador during your placement. Your ambassador is an experienced Maternity Nurse, and fully in tune with the Babyem ethos of being gentle, holistic, evidence-based, and all about empowering families. They are there to support you during your placement…whether it’s to answer a question, give you a confidence boost, or help you know what to say or do, our ambassador system is like having your very own safety net.

We work closely with a range of organisations, including NCT groups, Great Ormond Street Hospital, charities such as Homestart and Gingerbread, national multiples groups The Twins and Multiple Births Association and Twins UK, plus we receive many self-referrals from parents, so we’re confident you’ll be able to gain experience on at least one, if not several, newborn placements to enhance your experience.


We have built an excellent reputation within the sector, and receive referrals from multiple agencies including Great Ormond Street hospital, Twins Trust, and Twins UK, as well as parent groups such as NCT throughout the country.

85% of our Maternity Nurse trainees said the newborn placement scheme had helped them to gain full-time employment... 

“I have completed two placements through Babyem’s newborn placement scheme. Being able to put the knowledge gained through Babyem into practice was hugely rewarding.


Both of my placements involved caring for premature twins, so I learned a lot about the kind of world that parents of premature babies are thrown into.


I really enjoyed both of my placements and feel that they have given me a chance to build on my skills, and feel confident in providing quality care to any family I work for in the future.”


KIRSTY BENNET | Maternity Nurse

“I got offered a job after just one day on Babyem’s Maternity Placement Scheme, working with twins which were 6-weeks premature. I found the placement challenging yet extremely satisfying. The course has boosted my confidence and practical understanding of babies and mothers in the early stages, and their emotions. I definitely would like to pursue maternity nursing as a full-time job – it’s challenging, but my placement with Babyem has given me a very good start!”


Darcey David, Maternity Nurse

I completed four placements with Babyem, both single babies and twins. All my experiences working with families were great and all the babies were gorgeous! I am currently working as a maternity nurse, and feel leaving families equipped and enabled is very rewarding.



Tolani Fajobi, Maternity Nurse

maternity nurse placement scheme testimonial

How does the newborn Maternity placement scheme work?

Having more practical experience also makes you the natural choice for clients so you’re more likely to gain employment.

Candidates need to have the following items in place before starting the maternity placement scheme.

Your maternity nurse training with Babyem can be completed online or in London.  

Our partner agency Nanny Insure offer one month free when you sign up.

Including a step by step process to make sure you have everything needed. Please email info@babyem.co.uk if you require an Enhanced DBS check. 

You can book a first aid course with us here.

We support you with this process.  We also go through your CV if you have one (and we provide additional training and tips on how to create / improve your CV)

You have a 1-to-1 consultation with one of the Babyem team. This is where we really get to know you and your goals, and understand where you are in terms of your experience and confidence so we can match you with the best placement. 

You will be able to update your availability here too. 


“At Nannies Incorporated we need our maternity nurses to be the best in the industry. We are continuously impressed by their level of maternity and nanny training.”

Nannies Incorporated

“We highly recommend Babyem as a maternity nurse course provider. Those with a background in childcare wishing to train as a maternity nurse should enrol.”

Maternally Yours

“We are really impressed not only with the content of the Babyem course and all that it covers, but also the teaching style and the flow of the day. “

Eden Private Staff

“Our Nanny candidates have consistently given us great feedback about Babyem, which cover a comprehensive range of skills and subjects.”

Greycoat Lumleys


Placements are advertised on our placement page. All placements vary in location, date and times. Most placements take place during the week, usually when partners are at work, however, we do also have a number of weekend placements.

We only work with parents in the first 3-4 months of having a baby.

We recognise that many candidates are only available for half days, or at the weekend, and our role is to work with both parents and candidates to make it work for both parties.

We recommend that you work with a family between 2 – 5 days in order to build a relationship with the parents and baby. Each family is asked to provide a reference and to provide feedback in order to support you to develop your CV and develop your skills and confidence.

Yes, you can complete multiple placements, and there is no time frame in which placements need to be completed.

Most newborn maternity placements are unpaid. Parents are always required to cover Maternity Nurses travel expenses and food cost as a basic requirement. Receipts need to be given to parents in order for payment to be made.

Expenses are paid directly to you on a daily basis. If it’s cheaper to buy a travel card this is discussed with the parent.

You are able to complete as many placements as you want to. You can read how our placements have supported people to find employment here.


Babyem is a training agency and not a recruitment agency. Although we work closely with parents, candidates and maternity nurse agencies, we do not hold any responsibility for candidates gaining employment.

Yes, parents are aware that they need to provide a reference and complete our feedback form.


For more information please send your completed documents to info@babyem.co.uk. If you have any questions feel free to contact Babyem on: 0208 986 9008.