Life after baby.. Talking sex, poo, tears and fitness! with Sarahjane West-Watson, Pregnancy and post natal core Personal trainer

I have been talking to Sarahjane West-Watson, owner and founder of on life after baby…. Talking sex, poo, tears and fitness!

Those of you who are Babyem Maternity Nurse trainees or graduates may have seen the remarkable workshop Sarahjane carried out for us as part of our CPD program, on how to care for mothers after a traumatic birth who have experienced perineal tears, and how this experience can impact their postpartum experience.

Sarahjane is a qualifed Personal Trainer (pregnancy and post natal core specialist). After a relatively positive first birth experience, Sarahjane fell prey to the modern ‘6 week sign off’ belief and soon after realised we need to transform the modern post partum pathway. Sarahjane specialises in helping women managing symptoms and issues related to back pain, core muscles, pelvic floor, diastasis recti, and pregnancy and postnatal care. Her experiences with fitness, and as a mother, evolved into the Fit Fanny AdamsTM concept.

What I found particularly fascinating is how there is such a normalisation of incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction, and that mainstream ideas hold women back from receiving the support and care they need to be healthy physically and mentally. Women deserve better, don't you agree?

It's so important that we focus on restoring health and wellbeing before we even consider aesthetics. But as women who live in a culture where we are highly sexualised and there is a hyperfocus on our physical shape and appearance, and this can impact our mental health in a dangerous and damaging way. Sarahjane shares with us all, some brilliant tips on how mums can restore their physical health and wellbeing after birth, so that we can nurture our bodies whilst we adjust to postpartum life.

If you would love to connect with Sarahjane West-Watson you can find her below at:

On Instagram: @FitFannyAdams

And on their website: @FitFannyAdams

"One thing that drives me bonkers is when it does come in to the mainstream conversation about getting yourself a towel, put a pad in, and it's fine if you leak - dont worry about it. But it's SO NOT OK if you leak, it's a warning sign" - Sarahjane West-Watson