Branding Vs. Marketing ( & Why It’s Important to You) with Dee Woodward


Your brand ‘steers the ship', so what if you have the wrong steering wheel?

This week I am talking to Dee Woodward of ByDeesign, who shares with us why creating and nurturing your branding is so important to running your business successfully and authentically. 

Dee talks us through how you can audit your brand and make sure you're showing up for your business and your brand in the best possible way, so you can attract your ideal clients.

What I particularly enjoyed about this episode is how passionate Dee is about her work and how following her simple POWER process you can create the best brand for YOUR business, including what tools you can use that work best for you to help you market your brand successfully.

If branding is something that confuses or overwhelms you, grab a pen and take note – let Dee break it all down for you!

If you would love to connect with Dee Woodward you can find her below at:

On Instagram: @deewoodward

On Facebook: @ByDeesign

On Pinterest: @ByDeesign

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And on their website: @ByDeesign

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"Your brand is what people think of you when you're out of the room" - Dee Woodward