Becoming a Surrogate: One Woman’s Incredible Journey


This week I have been talking to the incredible Helen Greenwood.

Helen shares her emotional story of how she came to be a mother via surrogacy. She describes having spent many years trialling IVF and other treatments before getting to her make or break moment. At this point her and her husband discussed adoption, which for them wasn't the right choice. By chance, Helen came across surrogacy, and the start of something incredible began.

In this heartfelt episode, Helen describes how she connected with her surrogate, and the challenges and joys she and her husband faced when they began their surrogacy journey in 2013.

What I particularly love about this episode is that Helen's story makes it clear that surrogacy is not just for rich celebrities, and that although it can be a painful and difficult journey, there are fantastic surrogates who can help bring you closer to your goal of becoming a parent and growing your family.

I thought it was wonderful that Helen's surrogate and all of the surrogate children she has brought into the world are now a beautiful extended family, “The Superteam”.

Join us and hear all about Helen's incredible journey, and a bit of a sneak peek into what will be contained in her book!

If you would love to connect with Helen Greenwood you can find her below at:


mumthroughsurrogacy and


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"It's one of the most difficult things I've had to do. It's not just our hopes and dreams, it's our families', our friends' as well. " - Helen Greenwood