Hey! If you’re thinking about taking one of our courses and training with us (smart move) you probably want to know a bit more about who we are and what we stand for, right?


Because there’s nothing worse than signing up for something only to discover it ends up feeling like a bad-dream throwback to sitting in your old school classroom wishing it was hometime already. We like to do things a bit differently here at Babyem because we think that learning something new should be fun AND focused on the latest evidence of what really works in the real world.


So here are 12 things we’d love you to know about our company, to help you say “Yes! These are my kinda people!”



We are here to change society and we believe you can play your part too.

We believe everyone has the ability to make a positive change in society. Our vision at Babyem is to help create a society where gentle, evidence-based responsive parenting is the norm and where all families feel empowered and children feel safe and secure. What better way to change society for the better than to start by giving its youngest members the very best start in life.


Gentle, evidence-based training is at the heart of everything we teach

At Babyem holistic and evidence-based practice is at the heart of everything we teach.


We cut through the myths and support you to help parents to make informed choices.


We work with the change-makers in the industry, those who challenge outdated thinking and give you and the parents you work with the most up-to-date guidance.


We believe and promote proudly that gentle, responsive parenting is the best way to protect and promote the parent-child bond.


We don’t do average because we want you to be better than average.

We give everything 120% and then some. We’re obsessive about exceeding expectations and going above and beyond for you, ourselves and each other.
We know that this kind of attention to detail makes you the expert who your clients can confidently turn to in their time of need.


We are big on community

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we say it takes a community to create the best baby and childcare experts in the sector…aka, you.

That’s why we put community at the heart of our courses, to help you to:
Come together with like-minded peers and experts
Share ideas
Feel part of a movement of gentle, responsive childcarers
Get ongoing support from our expert trainers

How do we give you this community aspect?
Many of our postnatal maternity courses include Facebook groups alongside the core training modules,
We also offer free continued professional development for our maternity nurses and holistic sleep coaching students
Although Babyem’s courses are predominately online for your convenience, our focus has always been on creating connection in the digital space. We know how important it is to have a community around you when working on your own. And we understand the power of having the reassurance of ongoing access to our specialists in the community group to answer your questions – not only during the course but also when you’re out in the real world working with families and applying your learning.
People from around the world have joined the programs and shared their culture and wisdom with everyone. Everyone had 24/7 access to one another and as of today, we have students from over 42 countries!


We are not for everyone

If you believe that baby care is a one-size-fits-all affair and that the family should ‘do as they’re told’ we’re probably not for you.

Our vision at Babyem is to help create a society where gentle, evidence-based responsive parenting is the norm and where all families feel empowered and children feel safe and secure.

That's why we don't advocate the use of anything that goes against empowering families.

> No leaving babies to cry on their own
> No strict schedules
> No cookie-cutter strategies
> No taking over
> No devices that stop parents from feeling that they can use their instincts

The fact that you’re reading this page tells us you’re interested in responsive, holistic practices and that’s why although we’re not for everyone, you probably already know we’re a great fit for you and the way you like to support your families.


We are here to make an impact

Every act of giving counts and that’s part of how we make a bigger impact in the world.
We award scholarships to those in need.
We also create world-class free content and donate a portion of all revenue to some of the world’s most effective non-profit organisations.


We specialise in postnatal maternity courses

We’re really proud to make and sell some of the best online infant education and childcare programs in the world. Our goal is to have you and every customer feel blown away by their experience and know they’re aligned with a company that truly cares about them for the long term.


We provide a huge amount of FREE content

We’re relentless in our commitment to producing high quality free educational content, to build awareness around important issues around the areas we specialise in. 


We know that by helping you with our free content, it also reassures you that you’ll be getting a world-class experience on our training programs when you take that next step with us.


We love our customers

Customer happiness and inclusivity is big for us.


Our aim to make you feel valued, respected and appreciated.

Our aim is also to help you feel confident and equipped in your role supporting families because that’s how you can have the biggest impact and love YOUR customers.


We are big on trust

We’re plain speakers who mean what we say. We’re honest with our customers, our audience and each other. If our training programs aren’t right for you, we’ll say so. When mistakes happen, we take responsibility and work our tails off to make things right.


We love to have fun

We love the science behind what we teach and being evidence-based is non-negotiable for how we work.
But science doesn’t have to be stuffy!
A big part of what we do is simplifying the science in a way that makes it easy for you to digest and implement through the way we teach.

And a big part of our philosophy is that learning is fun because we know that when you’re having fun as you gain new skills and grow your business, you can make a bigger impact on the families you work with and your community.

We seek to include and inspire everyone in our Facebook groups, free events and courses.
And we love nothing more than seeing our students growing, thriving, and making new friends year after year in our community.


We are big on helping you create a business you love

We are big on helping our community make the impact they set out to make, and building joyful and sustainable businesses. 


We know how hard it is to do that alone, which is why we set up the Babyem Business Academy providing affordable business support by a team of leading marketing and business strategists. Whether you are just in the beginning stages of your career or running a 6 figure agency, our team of marketing specialists short cut your success,  so you can get to where you are going much quicker. 


So that’s a peek through the keyhole in regards to what we stand for. 


If you like the sound of how we work and you’re excited to join our family of over 15,000 baby and child care professionals just like you, follow one of the links below to find out more about our courses…