Not tongue tied anymore – Mags Kirk’s mission to help as many families as she can 


This week I have been chatting to Mags Kirk, who specialises in Speech and Language Development and is the director of Two Can Talk Speech and Language Therapy.

Mags was just 14 when she began her journey into speech and language therapy! Her career started during school when she organised a work experience placement with a family friend. She fell in love with the profession and gave her the passion and drive to help children to have better outcomes with their speech by becoming a therapist herself. Her studies then led her to Speech and Language therapy at University at Manchester, and from there she started her business Two Can Talk Speech and Language Therapy.

Her own experience with a tongue tied child then led her to meet IBCLC and Tongue Tie specialist, Sarah Oakley. From there, alongside craniel osteopath Moraig Goodwin, the trio started up a specialist clinic to assist families of babies to help them feed better.

Mags has years of experience supporting a wide variety of young children right up to teenagers and young adults.

In today's episode of the Babyem Conversation, Mags talks to us about the connection between tongue tie and speech, why having a tongue tie can impact feeding, and how not resolving a tongue tie this can lead to speech issues for many children. Mags also talks us through how a tongue tie is divided and how to manage after a surgical procedure.

If you would love to connect with Mags you can find her below at:

On Instagram: @two_can_talk

On Facebook: @twocantalk

On Twitter: @twocantalksp

Two Can Talk Website

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"It's not just enough to have a look - you can't diagnose a tongue tie just from looking. You have to assess how the tongue's movement impacts feeding." - Mags Kirk