The Power Of Touch: Improving Connection With Baby Massage With Sejal Fichadia

In this conversation, I talk to the incredible Sejal Fichadia

Who is an IBCLC, CAPPA-certified postpartum doula since 2014, Certified infant massage educator (CEIM) TummyTime!™ facilitator, formerly Certified in skin-to-skin care for full term infants from the United States Institute of Kangaroo Care and is a Certified Provider of Innate Postpartum Care. What an impressive resume!

What is clear from the way Sejal speaks so passionately about massage is how important this work is for empowering families to connect with their little ones in a way that feels natural and supportive of attachment.

Sejal talks us through how the skin is the largest organ in the body, and in fact is “the brain on the outside” – which allows us to communicate directly through touch. She explains that baby massage is something we do with our babies, not to our babies, that it is an active and not passive activity.

What is particularly impressive about baby massage is how this physical touch can improve infant sleep, digestive system and overall wellbeing, and when we teach parents baby massage skills, we work with clients to feel empowered to connect through touch, which in turn builds parenting self efficacy and confidence.

If you would love to connect with Sejal Fichadia you can find her below at:

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"skin is the brain - on the outside!" - Sejal Fechadia