4 steps to attracting your ideal client in a way that feels authentic and builds connection – Anna Rumbold


This week I am talking to the incredible marketing strategy coach, Anna Rumbold, from Apricot Social!

In this episode we talk about selling with integrity and bringing in the right clients for you. Anna shares the four key areas to focus on: Clarity, Messaging, Content and Community, in order to avoid using pushy sales tactics to sell with excitement instead.

If you want to know how to avoid the sleeze in your selling, and use a strategy that helps you generate awareness and build trust with your clients that actually converts, then get comfy and get stuck into this week's episode.

I particularly love this episode as Anna really gives us a deep insight into really getting clear on and understanding your ideal client, your unique selling point, and then being able to communicate your niche message to your audience. In addition to this, Anna talks us through how to build a community that enables your audience to trust you, and convert into paying clients by creating engaging, and relatable content.

It's so important to be authentic in your messaging, otherwise you will struggle to pull in the clients you want to connect with emotionally.

If you're a small business owner that feels overwhelmed or confused about selling, your messaging or niche market then this is the episode for you.

If you would love to connect with Anna Rumbold you can find her below at:

On Instagram: @apricotsocial

Website: @apricotsocial

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"If you don't have clarity in business, then your strategy is going to be based on assumptions rather than the needs of your ideal client" - Anna Rumbold