How to be a sleep coach and transform lives

“You can be the best sleep consultant in the world, but if you don’t have clients, you won’t be able to make an impact.” – Dr Lyndsey Hookway

How to best support clients who are suffering with Perinatal Mental Health difficulties as a Newborn care specialist

Lonely young latina woman sitting on bed. Depressed hispanic girl at home, looking away with sad expression.

It’s really very common to experience difficulties during the perinatal period, and one theory addressing why mental health difficulties are so prevalent during the perinatal period is due to the context in which we are having families.  

How to keep your baby toasty and warm in winter! (Safely)

How to dress a baby in the cold weather is often a source of anxiety for parents. Use our handy guide to help you feel confident dressing your baby in the cold, both inside and outside.

Guide to Babywearing – Benefits, Tips, Research and How to Do it Safely

Many people carry for a variety of different reasons, and it’s normal from an evolutionary point of view for humans to carry their children. All cultures around the world have some form of carrying in them, many having their own styles and ways of carrying.     In this blog, we collaborated with Zoë Woodman, from… Continue reading Guide to Babywearing – Benefits, Tips, Research and How to Do it Safely

Top 10 tips for keeping your baby safe in a heatwave!

With temperatures soaring in the UK, parents are flooding online support groups with queries about keeping their little ones safe in the heat. Infant feeding expert Charlotte Treitl shares her Top 10 tips for keeping your baby safe in a heatwave! Keep babies indoors during the hottest parts of the day There’s a reason people… Continue reading Top 10 tips for keeping your baby safe in a heatwave!

Building a business after completing the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, with Rebecca Scott-Pillai

“I can pull in all this information that I’ve learned over the years and create a plan that is really holistic and evidence based, because I know the science behind the issues they’re experiencing” – Rebecca Scott-Pillai

Life after baby.. Talking sex, poo, tears and fitness! with Sarahjane West-Watson, Pregnancy and post natal core Personal trainer

“One thing that drives me bonkers is when it does come in to the mainstream conversation about getting yourself a towel, put a pad in, and it’s fine if you leak – dont worry about it. But it’s SO NOT OK if you leak, it’s a warning sign” – Sarahjane West-Watson

Breastfeeding Information Roundup!

Here is a quick round-up of some of our most popular breastfeeding related posts so you can access everything (or share it with someone!) quickly and easily.

What is antenatal colostrum harvesting?

It can be really reassuring for families to have a bit of stored colostrum so that their baby can have it as their first feed after birth, if there are any problems getting baby to latch straight away.

6 questions to ask when looking for signs that a baby is breastfeeding well

This is a basic troubleshooting process that a peer supporter or IBCLC will go through with you, if you’re having a feeding assessment.