Top 10 Things to Do with Kids in London

London has a lot to offer which you can do with your kids which are both fun and they can learn new interesting things. In this article you will find Top 10 things to do with kids in London.

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Taxing Nannies

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Let’s Talk Gross ££ – Nanny Pay Campaign

The B.A.P.N. have initiated the ‘Let’s Talk Gross ££’ campaign to raise awareness about the negative effect of agreeing nanny pay as net and to see that both parents and Nannies benefit from agreeing salaries on a Gross Pay basis – in line with nearly every other profession in the UK!

Nanny Ofsted Registration / Childcare Qualifications

Why should nannies register on the voluntary part of the Ofsted Childcare register?


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Messy Play

Letting children get messy while they’re playing gives them endless ways to develop and learn. Taking part in messy activities helps children use their senses to explore the world around them.

Fussy Eaters

Getting used to meal times, new foods, strange textures and flavours can be hard for a child. It’s natural to worry that something might be wrong when a child loses interest in food. However, this is a common stage for many children between 2-3 years of age.

Learning through cooking

Creating a sense of fun around food and mealtimes is a great way of encouraging children to have a positive association with food.