Interview with…Rhadi Mattarozzi, Maternity Nurse

The similarity between working in a Neonatal Department and working in the private sector as Maternity Nurse is in the fact that you perform nursery duties, looking after newborns and you teach and support mums with the breastfeeding and both parents with taking care of their little ones.

What is a maternity nurse?

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Maternity nurses
Maternity nurses also known as post-natal carers or maternity practitioners, support the mother and their newborn.

How to become a Maternity Nurse

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A maternity nurse is an experienced infant care provider who usually lives with a family and provides 24 hour on-call service after the birth of a baby.

Maternity Nurse Training (MNT) from Babyem Ltd

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At Babyem we have an excellent reputation for delivering accredited maternity nurse training (MNT) and Childcare Training.

Becoming a maternity support worker

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Maternity support workers (MSWs) have a range of responsibilities which will vary, depending on the exact role. These will be done under supervision of a qualified midwife, and would usually include such tasks as:


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Everyone knows that “breast is best”, however babies are expected to latch on with ease but in reality this is not the case!  It can be a difficult choice for mums too as they can feel pressured into feeling they have to, so we’ve listed the benefits and discouraging aspects that may not always be discussed