Become an Emergency Nanny – its like being Mary Poppins for the day, every day!

“Imagine waking up each day to a different job, a new child to get to know, a new location to explore – a new family to help with their childcare needs. It’s kind of like being Mary Poppins for the day, every day – or at least that’s how our team members here at British Nannies explain how they feel about their job as an Emergency Nanny!” British Nannies, 2017 

Interview with…Rhadi Mattarozzi, Maternity Nurse

The similarity between working in a Neonatal Department and working in the private sector as Maternity Nurse is in the fact that you perform nursery duties, looking after newborns and you teach and support mums with the breastfeeding and both parents with taking care of their little ones.