How to reduce stress at mealtimes: fussy eating tips and strategies (with Stacey Zimmels)


Stacey Zimmels, owner of Feed Eat Speak, is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist and IBCLC who specialises in Paediatric Dysphagia (eating and drinking difficulties). 

Around 70% of families report some fussy eating in children, and Stacey's clients are reporting the same worries and concerns about how and why their children become fussy with food. 

As the parent or carer, your role is to provide the food for your child. So what do you do if your child refuses this meal and you become anxious they won't eat enough?

In this episode, Stacey shares some useful insights into why children become fussy eaters and what we can do to support children and families who experience these difficulties, as well as her best ‘hacks' for getting enough food into your fussy eater without compromising boundaries. 

If you would love to connect with Stacey, you can find her below at:

On Instagram: @FeedEatSpeak

On Facebook: @FeedEatSpeak

And on their website: Feed Eat Speak

Other pages mentioned: Free Resources


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You provide and they decide. You provide the meal, and you trust your child that they know when they are done. They get to choose what they want of what is on offer, and how much they want to eat.