Save time and simplify your business (with Joey Meily from Dubsado)


When it was just me, myself, and I running Babyem, I used to do alllll the things for the first 2 years of business. Out of our tiny flat in east London with my little one, I was juggling everything!

I didn't stop, and the only thing which was very predictable was me burning out every Christmas! If I did stop, the business ground to a halt.

We start our businesses hoping we can have a good life/work balance, spend more time with our families and do great work for our clients. But then we get stuck dealing with admin and it chips into our home life, and we rapidly burn out.

Building automated systems into my business was the best thing I did. It does all the heavy lifting so you get to focus on the important work, like building relationships with your clients, scaling, and being able to take time off.

Dubsado was started by a husband and wife couple, Becca and Jake, who were seeking tools for their personal use, but could not find anything suitable to meet their needs as small business entrepreneurs. They now have a team of 60 people supporting small business owners in a huge variety of industries across the globe. 

Today I'm talking to Joey, the Marketing Outreach Manager at Dubsado about how you can use automation tools to make your business flow easily.

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Key information shared

00:57 Where did it all start?
03:05 How Dubsado can help business owners in the child and baby care industry
07:30 How automation can help you make less mistakes
09:46 Why using Dubsado can save you money
14:50 Using the client portal

If you would love to connect with Dubsado you can find them below:

On Instagram: @MyDubsado

On Facebook: @Dubsado

On Twitter: @MyDubsado

And on the website: Dubsado.com

Email Joey directly: Joey@dubsado.com

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The ideal scenario is - if most, if not all of the cumbersome admin labour - how can you take that off your plate so you can focus on the core of your service?