WHY FORMULA FEEDING MATTERS with Infant Feeding Specialist Shel Banks


Why Formula Feeding Matters

In this week's podcast I have been talking to Infant Feeding Specialist Shel Banks about her new book, “Why Formula Feeding Matters”. 

Some of you may know Shel as the author and tutor of the Babyem Colic, Reflux and Infant Allergies course, and tutor for our London Maternity Nurse Training

In this episode, we dig deep into some of the issues parents face when making decisions about using formula milk, how formula milk is marketed, where healthcare providers typically receive their information about formula, and why it's so important that families receive unbiased, evidence based information into formula to make the best possible decisions when it comes to feeding their babies.

What I really loved about this podcast was Shel's openness about being a lactation consultant working closely with formula feeding families and their babies, dispelling the myth that only breastfeeding families need support from an IBCLC. This book is essential reading for anyone who works with babies and wants to be able to help provide evidence based information about formula and the formula industry to the families you support. 

“Why Formula Feeding Matters” is due to be released on the 20th January 2022, and you can pre-order your copy now by clicking below.

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"Would I love it if more people who started to breastfeed actually could breastfeed for longer? Yes? But that's not the intention of this book. The intention of this book is that if people pick it up wanting to know about how to choose a formula or what to do if they're having a problem that there is a resource for them - that's the purpose of this book." - Shel Banks