Dog and baby safety, what you need to know to create a smooth transition (with Michelle Stern)


Let’s face it – the stakes are high when you are raising kids and dogs together.

Most expectant parents have plenty of time to spend preparing for a baby, but for unsuspecting dogs their new housemate appears overnight!

Helping a dog manage that change using positive-reinforcement based methods is what today's guest specialises in.

Michelle Stern is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA), dog behavior consultant, mum, and former classroom teacher. With over 16 years of teaching experience, Michelle loves both the human and canine members of dog families, which shows in her warm and supportive demeanor with clients. She specializes in working with families who are expecting babies and those who already have children and dogs.

In today’s episode, Michelle shares how to get dogs prepared for the arrival of the baby. How to spot red flags (many of which are often confused with being positive signals!) and when to seek support.

You will learn

03:25 – Dog and baby safety
04:40 – How to be safe around dogs
06:30 – Recognising red flags when working with families with dogs
10:00 – The importance of dog training
11:20 – How to protect the baby 
12:25 – How to be in control when dog baby interactions happen
13:15 – What you can do to help build positive association between dog and baby
17:25 – The risks of parents homecoming
19:20 – What is a dog's “kill bite”?
19:25 – How to introduce dog and the baby
20:00 – Dogs and Babies – a lifetime to grow and bond together
20:55 – Obsessive behaviours
23:15 – Dog body language
26:00 – Dogs and safe sleep
28:00 – When to bring in a dog trainer

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We have to keep the care team safe. We have to make sure that they don't feel in danger, or else that's going to cause stress to the mum, or cause potential danger for the baby.