Innovation in infant feeding: using technology to provide remote breastfeeding support (with Dr Chen Mao Davies)


Changing the future of mothers, babies, and society by improving individual breastfeeding experiences and building self confidence. LatchAid is on a mission to fully support and empower breastfeeding parents and their families. 

The LatchAid app includes interactive breastfeeding animations, virtual peer support groups, AI-powered virtual supporter, access to 1-to-1 specialist support, infant feeding FAQ, and weekly webinars and virtual drop-in centres. Having access to accurate and evidence-based information 24/7 removes barriers to successful breastfeeding.

Chen holds a PhD in Computer Graphics and has over 15 years R&D experience in academia and industry. She spent the last decade working in a world-class R&D team to create stunning visual effects for blockbuster films including the Oscar and BAFTA award-winning Gravity and Blade Runner 2049, as well as a number of Disney, Marvel Studio, and Warner Brothers movies. In 2018, Chen founded LatchAid, a FemTech start-up combining innovation and empathy to support women's breastfeeding and motherhood journey. Chen is a winner of the prestigious Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award as one of the Top 40 Female Innovators in the UK.

In today’s episode, Dr Davies shares how Latchaid is taking the parenting world by storm, supporting parents through the use of cutting edge 3D technology, by giving access to evidence based information 24/7,  giving users an all-in-one solution that works for them. 

You will learn:


08:00 – Why LatchAid was developed

15:25 – How the app works

17:07 – Visual learning aspects of the app

18:09 – Virtual breastfeeding support

20:01 – How expertise advice is provided 24/7

21:00 – Collaboration between AI experts and Lactation Consultants experts

26:36 – The longer term vision for LatchAid

If you would love to connect with Dr. Chen Mao Davies you can find her below at:

On Instagram @_latchaid

On Facebook: LatchAid

And on her website:

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I hope you enjoyed this episode and have found it useful!


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My guest today, Dr Chen Davies, shares her inspiring story of turning her painful experience into an award winning innovative smartphone app, to revolutionise the way new mums can access breastfeeding support.