From nannying to growing a successful sleep coaching business Kerry Secker  – Sleep Consultant

This week our director Emma Dewey, speaks to the amazing Kerry Secker, infant sleep consultant and founder of Care It Out.

Kerry says she is on a ‘megamission' to help parents get a better night's sleep without sleep training.

Kerry shares her story about how she moved from Nannying into sleep coaching. Her training as a Nanny over 20 years ago was very traditional in it's approach, with a very authoritarian and strict attitude towards childcare, expecting the use of naughty chairs. Kerry felt that this didn't sit right with her, and Nannied by instinct instead.

Over time this led to her gaining a trusted reputation as someone who could help parents to get better sleep without leaving their babies to sleep, amongst other parenting support. It was then she realised that ‘sleep was her superpower'.

Kerry is a natural business woman, sharing an authentic message that allows her to connect with her audience and grow organically. She now has over 35 thousand Instagram followers, but talks candidly about how her boundaries on social media have changed over the years, and how she has harnessed its power to reassure and educate parents.

What we love about this conversation is how Kerry speaks openly about vanity metrics and how these can impact your business ego, and that the really important part of creating social media content is to connect and engage with your audience – not simply grow your following without purpose – and finding the balance of reaching more people without getting burned out.

If you would love to connect with Kerry Secker you can find her below at:


On Instagram: @careitout

On Facebook: @careitout

And on their website: @careitout

"Yes branding is really important, but it evolves! You are so much more than your logo. Be yourself. The more genuine you are, the more you attract those clients you want to work with. Enjoy it and remember why you are doing it" - Kerry Secker