Key considerations for being inclusive in our practice (with Dr BJ Epstein Woodstein)


Inclusion is something that we at Babyem are dedicated to. We know we aren't perfect, but we are eager to learn and use our platform to support, encourage and promote diversity across our courses, social media, and our website. 

For many people, supporting families in the LGBTQ+ community can seem daunting. What if we accidentally offend someone or say the wrong thing? How do we ensure it doesn't happen and what can we do in our practice to make our clients feel comfortable, so we can build a genuine connection?

It is essential that we all learn to do better, because the kind of microaggressions LGBTQ+ families often have to deal with can be traumatic. Whether someone intends to be harmful or not, the damage caused by someone making assumptions about their family can be long lasting, and in turn can impact how families access and receive appropriate care in the perinatal period.

Today I'm talking to IBCLC and Doula, Dr BJ Epstein Woodstein, a senior lecturer in literature at the University of East Anglia. BJ is a gay woman, and a mother, and today is sharing her 7 key considerations for working with LGBTQ+ families. 

Key Discussion Points

02:12 How BJ's experience shaped her own practice
03:47 What is LGBTQ+?
06:26 The ease of being inclusive
08:50 Pronouns, titles, and relevant terminology
16:09 Assumptions people make about gender roles and parenthood
22:43 Are the questions we ask polite, relevant, and necessary?
Medical issues that impact LGBTQ+ families
Research in this field
Emotional and political issues we need to be mindful of

If you would love to connect with BJ you can find her below at:

On Twitter: @bjepstein

On her website:

Other resouces mentioned:

Tips for supporting LGBTQ Families

– Article by BJ Woodstein for Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

Newman Goldfarb Protocol

Rainbow Milk (Facebook group)

Queer Liquid Gold (Facebook group)

La Leche League LGBTQ+

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