Nanny Shares

We have recently had a number of nannies asking us about nanny share positions. How it works, what happens if you want to go away? What happens if you are sick? The information below aims to provide an insight into nanny share positions and where to go for further information.

Why are Nanny Share positions popular?

Sharing a nanny with another family is becoming increasingly common and can provide an affordable, cost effective solution to many parents. In nanny shares one nanny looks after the children of more than one family, either at the same time or on different days.

How do Nanny Shares work?

There are different types of nanny shares:

  • Complete share: share a nanny five days a week with children being looked after together
  • Part time share: families share a nanny and children are looked after together for two or three days a week
  • Split week share: families share a nanny and children are looked after separately – e.g. half the week with one family and half the week with another
  • Main family share: one family employs a nanny full time and shares with another family for part of the week


The decision about how the time is arranged will partly depend on how many children need looking after. The smaller the number of children both families have, the easier to look after them all at the same time. As the families grow larger it may be more difficult to manage.

Nanny shares generally work on a live-out basis unless one family decides to have the nanny living in and the other family pays half the wages and tax and contributes to the host family's costs.

Key points to consider

What happens on sick days?

Most families will agree that vomiting or diarrhea are illnesses that are serious enough to cancel the share for the day. But what about the nanny? Will the nanny care for the sick child? What if the healthy child doesn't live in the home where the care is provided? Families need to be very frank with each other, BEFORE the situation arises as to how this will be handled.

How will payroll taxes be handled?

Both families are the nanny's employers, and each is responsible to report and pay their family's share of the payroll taxes.  Nanny Tax can provide information and guidance regarding this.

What compensation and benefits will the nanny receive?


What about holiday and sick time?


Will the families coordinate their holiday times with each other? If not, when do you as the nanny get a holiday? What happens if the nanny is sick? It's important that these issues are discussed to avoid any tension!

What about insurance?

It is good to know if insurance is covered, if the nanny is driving their children ( for either family) they will need to have the relevant car insurance.

Who will host?

Typically one family “hosts” the share—meaning that the care occurs at that family's home. It's not always the case though. Nannies need to be clear about where they will be on what days, for how long and who is the main point of contact.

Needs of the family?

The two families should have very similar needs for care. The closer the family schedules are to each other, the happier everyone will be. When being interviewed, nannies need to ask families about what they are looking for in a nanny, what are their parenting philosophies? Nannies need to know what is expected of them at all times.

Are the parents child-rearing philosophies compatible?

If nannies caring for two children they need to treat them similarly. Working with two families with completely different parenting philosophies is (in my opinion) a recipe for disaster!!! Consider discipline, diet, TV watching, outdoor activities, sleeping schedules…explore all aspects of their parenting.

How many children? How old are they?

The best situations are where two children of similar ages are being cared for together. If a nanny is caring for more than two children they will need to be very organised! Nannies will need to understand the routines and needs of all the children, and discuss with parents the types of activities they can do with multiple children of different ages. Remember, a nannies pay should reflect the work you do….

Know how long the share arrangement is going to last.

It is important that parents are open about their plans and expectations. Nannies will need to be given notice (and vice versa) should anything change. How much notice given needs to be stipulated in the contract.

Ensure there is good communication between all parties.

Repeating yourself to 2 or 4 people will be difficult. Agree on who is your main point of contact, how will important information be disseminated. If you are based in one home this will be easier. It is crucial that all key factors are addressed at the beginning, BEFORE signing the contract.


Registering with Ofsted

As part of the Voluntary section of the Ofsted Childcare Register (OCR), nannies can now register in order that their employers can benefit from any government or company childcare benefits, such as child tax credits/working tax credits and childcare vouchers.

The nanny in the first instance is responsible as the applicant for paying the fees. However, we would recommend that as the employer gets the tax benefit, that the employer pays all or part of those costs.

The costs are as follows:
Application fee – £103 (includes the CRB and verification service operated by the post office). Please note a nanny does not require an additional CRB if he/she has had one completed in the last 3 years by Ofsted
Public Liability Insurance – ranges between £70 – £90
Paediatric First Aid  (valid for 3 years)
Common Core Skills & Knowledge course suitable for Ofsted registration.

If you need support regarding Ofsted registration visit the Ofsted website or call: 0300 123 1231

Pay and Tax and National Insurance

It's especially important to agree a gross wage if you are in a nanny share position. If a gross wage has been agreed their is little need for communication regarding pay. Organisations such as Nanny Tax support parents who are looking to employ nannies as part of a nanny share scheme.

If you are a parent looking to source a nanny we work in partnership with a number of agencies who specialise in Nanny Shares, please call 0208 986 9008 or email: info@babyem.co.uk


We have recently had a number of nannies asking us about nanny share positions. How it works, what happens if you want to go away? What happens if you are sick?