World Kindness Day 2020

Today we’d like to focus on how we can be kind to ourselves, and how we can be kind to our colleagues and friends working in the childcare industry.

Legally Speaking – Nannies

Starting a new job as a nanny will be hugely exciting, giving you the opportunity to nurture a future generation and get to know a new family.  However, before you start you need to make sure you are covered as an employee.

5 Benefits of Baby Massage for Baby & Parent

“Touching is the first communication a baby receives,” says Frederick Leboyer, author of Loving Hands. “The first language of its development is through the skin.”

5 Ways to Make Your Home Baby-proof

It is important for us to be aware of the potential dangers around our own home and to remove them as far as we possible can – tabletops and cupboards are no longer beyond reach for the little explorers!


Christmas is just around the corner, and Santa Claus is on his way! Get into the spirit of the season with these fabulous festive food ideas for a Christmas school lunchbox…..

Potty training tips for nannies

Potty training is a key transition that many parents and nannies we work with find difficult. We were lucky to catch up with Judith Hough and Diane Titterton , the authors of ‘How to Potty Train’ to find our more about their national ‘Dry like me campaign’. Here are a few of their favourite tips that may come in handy!

National Childhood Obesity Awareness Week 6th-12th July

Numerous studies show that the basis of good health in later years is laid down in child´s formative years. Essentially, healthy children make healthy adults.

Free activities for children this weekend

We have listed our top free activities for children and young people in London.

Supporting children to eat 7 portions of fruit and vegetables a day

With many parents finding it hard enough to get children to eat 5 portions, we have outlined our top tips for supporting children to eat more fruit and vegetables.

Keeping children safe in the Sun

We have listed a few key factors of keeping children safe in the Sun which have to be considered before taking them out.