The journey to becoming fully booked as a Sleep Coach in only 9 months (with Claire Maguire)


In this episode of The Babyem Conversation, I’m joined by the amazing Claire Maguire, a National award-winning Practitioner, who offers baby-led postnatal support including weaning and potty training workshops, and sleep support.

From being a high-flying fashion model, to becoming a postnatal practitioner and sleep coach, Claire shares her journey to becoming fully booked in 9 months, working with her perfect clients – and how she did it!

Claire reveals how she keeps her business processes very simple, and focuses on building connections with her followers, rather than worrying about vanity metrics.

Key information shared

04:15 – How to pick the right online booking system
04:30 – How to seek support through Facebook and Instagram
05:50 – Finding potential clients
08:15 – How marketing is not focusing on metrics but dealing with real people
09:45 – Concentrating on getting the content right
11:00 – How to stay consistent and gaining the momentum
12:45 – How getting feedback from others helps grow our business
13:50 – Setting boundaries with clients
15:50 – How to increase your confidence setting aside your soft skills
20:15 – Changing the way we think/talk
20:40 – Using automation systems for business

If you would love to connect with Claire Maguire you can find her below at:

On Instagram: @baby.sleep.eat.help

On Facebook: @babieswithclaire

And on their website: www.babieswithclaire.com

You can email Claire at claire@babieswithclaire.com

Other links mentioned:


Babyem Business Academy


Holistic Sleep Coaching Program

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