From placement to full time Maternity Nurse…

Lorna's journey to becoming a Maternity Nurse

Lorna Paton completed her Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training with us in 2015. Read our short Q&A session with her to see where she was coming from, what she was looking for, and how the placement scheme helped her achieve her goals!

What is your background?

I knew from a young age that I wanted to work with children so when I was 16 I completed a HNC in childcare and started working in private nurseries. From there I went on to be a nanny in Italy. While I was there the mum had a new baby and hired a maternity nurse. That’s when I realized I wanted to become a maternity nurse. When I moved back to the UK I completed the Maternity Nurse Training course with Babyem.

When did you complete the Babyem Maternity Nurse Training?

I finished the course in October 2015

Tell us about the placement you completed with us…

I completed a newborn twin placement with Babyem. I had a lot of experience with twins from Nanning so I was looking forward to the new role and putting my new knowledge to the test with the babies. I worked 24 hours/6 days and this enabled me to implement sleep and feeding routines. While nerve wracking whilst implementing the new routine with two babies, it was equally as rewarding when everything fell into place. I encouraged the mum with breastfeeding and helped her with her milk supply and storage of milk. I would also do the babies laundry and all the sterilising,

Did the placement develop into something more and if yes, how so?

The placement actually developed into a formal maternity nurse position. There were some challenges along the way but Babyem supported me greatly throughout the entire process to successfully communicate with the family. It was through that support that I was able to overcome any issues which in turn strengthened my relationship with the family.

How do you feel the placement developed your skills/confidence?

The placement helped me gain new skills around dealing with 2 small babies. I gained more confidence in my abilities. I also became more confident in communicating with parents and discussing potential problems which has helped in other roles as well.

What are you doing now?

I am now looking after beautiful twin boys in London and I love my job.

Last one! Is there any advice you would give to a new trainee maternity nurse starting out?

I would encourage everyone to give the placements a chance. If you have bad experiences or problems discuss them with the family and try and resolve it because that was a big stepping stone or me to get the amazing job that I really wanted. Be confident in the knowledge and skills you have learnt and you will shine!

When I realized I wanted to become a maternity nurse I moved back to the UK I completed the Maternity Nurse Training course with Babyem.