A question that is often asked is what is an anterior tongue-tie and what is a posterior tongue tie?

Anterior tongue-ties are generally accepted as being a tongue-tie, but is more than half way forward to the tip of the tongue. So anything that is from the tip of the tongue to halfway back is generally considered anterior.

Tongue-Tie: Does it impact bottle-fed babies or not?

“Quite often we see bottle-fed babies who are having very similar issues to babies who are breastfeeding. They often don’t make a very good seal on the bottle, so they’re very messy. They often take in quite a lot of air because they can’t maintain the suction.”

Care Quality Commission Statement on Tongue-Tie

CQC confirmed on 8 February that private tongue-tie practitioners did need to register with them for surgical procedures (https://www.cqc.org.uk/news/providers/briefing-providers-tongue-tie).