The benefits of carrying babies and children with Zoe Woodman


Carrying babies and children is biologically normal. 

In this episode, I'm joined by sling consultant Zoe Woodman, who combined her passion for slings with her psychology background to educate parents on the many benefits of carrying their babies and children.

Zoe explains how neuroscientific research supports carrying as beneficial for both parent and child for bonding and breastfeeding (due to the release of powerful love hormone, oxytocin) and supports both mental health, and infant brain development.

Key information shared

02:11 – Why do babies sleep lots in the sling with close contact and wake up when we put them down?
04:08 – What are the benefits to the infant and the carrier while carrying a child on the sling?
05:20 – Sling vs arm carrying
07:10 – How carrying children helps their breathing pattern, regulates their body temperature and plays an important role in their brain development
08:53 – Survive vs thrive
09:20 – Physical and practical benefits of carrying for the child and the parent
10:22 – Different types of slings
16:40 – Sling library info
20:52 – 3 key myths while carrying children

If you would love to connect with Zoe you can find her below at:

On Instagram: @theslingconsultancy

On Facebook: @theslingconsultancy

On Twitter: @slingconsults

And on their website: The Sling Consultancy

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It's not the sling that creates the magic, it's the dyadic nature of you being able to be together - that's the magic.