Reviews for Babyem Maternity Award

Fardousa. M. B:  Attendee of Postnatal Maternity Care Course on September 2012

There is so many benefits in attending the Postnatal Maternity Nurse Award (MNT) course with Babyem.

I learned so much in my time there and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a great experience and the teacher was amazing.

With my maternity placement I was able to support the mother to implement a routine for the baby. I observed the challenges and was able to overcome them with patience and confidence. The baby was sleeping on it's front when I arrived, and I was able to support her to sleep on her back, as well as offering emotional support to the mother and wider family.

The placement has helped me in so many ways to have a experience in caring for a baby and supporting a new mother. It has definitely made me more confident and made me stronger and more passionate in my career.

I am looking forward to doing more placements, and now feel more confident in areas such as multitasking and putting what I've learnt into practice.

I couldn't be happier with Babyem, they were brilliant from the start. Emma helped me understand what what was involved in the course and also feel that the course was right for me, she also checked up on me regularly while I was doing the placement to make sure I was OK.

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I couldn't be happier with Babyem, they were brilliant from the start.