How to become a Midwife in the UK

Many childcare's complete our Maternity Nurse Award and work placement scheme as a stepping stone into Midwifery. We asked Carole Preen at Morley College what skills and qualifications are required to practice Midwifery in the UK in order to become a Midwife.

What qualifications do you need to practice Midwifery in the UK?

In order to practice midwifery in the UK you need to undertake a degree in Midwifery at a university offering a course validated by the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC). The requirements for three A levels can instead be achieved through an access to HE Diploma, which will give you the necessary qualifications to progress to university. The Access to Midwifery programme at Morley College, near Waterloo has an excellent reputation and high progression record. The Diploma consists of four modules in: Midwifery Studies, Health Psychology and Human Biology as well as Study Skills that build your academic skills in preparation for study at Higher Education. Courses start every year in September and finish in June and you are in college for two and a half days a week.

How much does it cost to complete the relevant training to become a Midwife in the UK?

Fees vary but for anyone over the age of 24, you can apply for the 24+ Advanced Learning loan from Student Finance England. This means no course fees up front, the course fee is completely covered and providing you go to university and complete your degree, the loan is completely written off.  Additionally, if you are on benefits or low income, we can also help with childcare costs for children over 18 months whilst you are at college and help with travel costs. If you are between 19 and 23 and do not have a full level 3 qualification, the course is fully funded and will not cost you a penny.

Are you provided with on going support when studying to become a Midwife?

There is a lot of support at Morley College and your personal tutor will also help with your UCAS application and interview preparation. Morley has special links with several London Universities, including London South Bank and Middlesex. Many of our students also progress to Kings College London and City University.

What are the entry requirements for candidates wanting to complete the access to midwifery course?

Entry requirements for Access to HE courses require you to have a GCSE in maths and English at grade C as a minimum. The college offers these GCSE courses free of charge if you do not already hold them, but because Access to HE is such a challenging programme and because you need to focus on achieving the higher grades to meet university entry requirements in the Access Diploma, it is best to do the GCSEs separately and focus on one set of qualifications at a time. You will also need to get some relevant work experience working alongside midwives and/or pregnant women so that you have a clear understanding of the midwifery profession and know that it is right for you. This also allows you to be able to write a stronger personal statement in your UCAS application when you apply to university. Working in midwifery is not just about delivering babies; you need to know about the full responsibilities of working within this autonomous profession and have realistic expectations of the more difficult and challenging aspects of the job, such as dealing with situations that do not necessarily have a happy outcome. This is where maternity training with Babyem can help you as it can lead to the relevant experience you need before you embark on an Access to HE Diploma.

For further information on access to Midwifery courses at Morley College please contact Carole Preen on 0207 450 1978 or email carole.preen@morleycollege.ac.uk

We asked Carole Preen at Morley College what skills and qualifications are required to practice Midwifery in the UK in order to become a Midwife.