Summer has arrived

Protect children from the sun

Summer has arrived in the UK and it calls for swimming pools and beaches, but make sure you watch children around water as they can drown in less than 2 inches.

Like a lot of things the sun has a good and a bad side depending on how much you are getting of it. The right amount of sun provides the essential building blocks for making Vitamin D which is the best benefit for bone health. Although too much sun is not good either, especially when it comes to children.

How to protect children?

Apply 2 layers of sunscreen with a minimal factor of 30 and reapply regularly (especially when playing with water).

Don't use water resistant products with children under the age of three. Children up to 3 years haven't fully developed sweat glands to regulate their body temperature by heat loss through the skin. Water resistant products basically forms a barrier on the skin preventing water to rinse off the product you have used. This means that nothing can go directly on the skin, but also no heat can come out. Therefore babies can overheat when water resistant products are used.

There are products available which are tailored for babies and children, but even some of those are water resistant. Make sure you don't use water resistant products on children up to 3 years old.

Get a hat which shades the face, scalp, ears and neck

Even though a hat shades the whole head, it is still important that sunscreen is applied.
If a cap is used, don't forget to apply sunscreen on the ears and the neck

Wear light coloured cotton clothing

White long sleeved shirts and long shorts are the best, but if it is preferred to wear something shorter make sure it is not tight around the skin.

Wear good sunglasses covering the eyes completely

By having children wear sunglasses during their childhood, this can decrease the development of cataract at a later stage.

Try to stay in the shade as much as possible

Make use of umbrellas, trees or being indoors.

Hydrate regularly

Drink water and/or fruit juice at least every 30 minutes to prevent dehydration.

(Source: Skcin)

Sun safety for children.