Gaining a Common Core Skills & Knowledge childcare qualification with Babyem

Review of the Common Core Skills & Knowledge Course by Danielle Beebe (Full Time Nanny).

The Common Core Skills Course I undertook through Babyem was very good, I found Emma (the tutor) to be very approachable and she didn't mind answering all the questions I had regarding taking the right course for me.

“Before the course I felt confident that what I was going to study was useful to my career and also accredited by a professional body.”

The location of the curse was great, being in Central London and each day was intense but rewarding.

 “A small group of students also made the experience pleasurable as it was good to hear other nannies' experiences and learn from their different areas of expertise. During the course the information provided was manageable- we weren't bombarded with lots of paperwork or heavy reading.” 

The information had been broken down into sections and in-addition to notes, there were some guide books, role-playing, discussion and a power point presentation to illustrate and clarify.

From the outset the coursework which we were required to submit (within 1 month) was clear and all questions were answered by Emma in detail. After the course Emma has been happy to email and answer any further questions and take a quick look at my coursework to check that I was on-track before my submission date. She also emailed further links and guidelines to help complete the coursework to a Level 3 standard. Equally she was helpful to those students who wanted to study a Level 2 qualification first.

 “I would definitely recommend the course I did to any un-qualified nannies- having that certification can open up a world of further opportunities within our industry. Babyem also provide many other courses for nannies who specialise in newborns and Early Years- although this is not my area of expertise, I know that if I wanted to branch out, I would go straight to Babyem for help in qualifying!”

Danielle Beebe (Full Time Nanny) June 2012.

Babyem we deliver accredited childcare and Maternity courses to over 1000 Nannies and childcare professionals each year. We specialise in delivering courses for childcarers wanting to register with Ofsted.

Our accredited Common Core Skills and Paediatric First Aid courses are fun and interactive and take place on a regular basis in Central London.

For more information on Ofsted Registration and Childcare Training Courses that Babyem deliver, please contact info@babyem.co.uk or click here for the one day Paediatric First Aid course.

"Before the course I felt confident that what I was going to study was useful to my career and also accredited by a professional body."