60 SECONDS (+ some extra seconds) with….Lyndsey Hookway

OK, we cheated a little, but there’s just too much to ask this amazing lady that we couldn’t possibly squeeze it into 60 seconds!

Lyndsey oversees the Babyem Maternity Nurse qualifications. She has been a key trainer for Babyem since 2013, but has a very wide and varied background working as a Health Visitor and Paediatric Nurse, before becoming a Lactation Consultant and Sleep Specialist (which she now juggles in-between heading the Baby-friendly training for a large NHS trust). She has consulted for the premature baby charity Bliss, delivered lectures for everyone ranging from GP’s to parents at Investment Banks. She has written numerous journals (and is far to modest to ever tell you!) and spoken at many conferences. Needless to say, we are all big fans of Lyndsey!

0:00 How do you become a lactation consultant?

To become a International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) you need to be medically qualified or have completed a number of health modules. You need to have 1000 supervised and documented hours of breastfeeding counselling. You then need 120 hours of lactation specific training and self directed study in order to meet the exam requirements that takes approximately a year. You then take a 6 hour exam.

0:15 How long have you been a Lactation Consultant, and how many are there in the country?

I’ve been working as a Lactation Consultant for 4.5 years, and I believe there are only 420 of us IBCLC's in the UK.


0:22 What are the most common queries you receive from parents regarding sleep and breastfeeding?

They tend to relate to issues such as frequent night waking or not settling to sleep or needing lots of help to do so.

The most common breastfeeding queries are either how to wean off formula supplements and breastfeed, and issues around sore nipples.


0:35 We joke that you are superwoman, but how do you manage family, consultancy, NHS work and training?!

I don’t always manage everything very well all of the time! I don’t have much of a social life, I work very hard and I love my work. Family comes first and work second.


0:42 So you will taking it easy this year?

I wish… I am currently finishing my MA in Advanced Nursing, with a particular focus on normal infant behaviour… as it relates to Breastfeeding! I would like to do a PHD in the next 5 years.

0:55 What's the most challenging part of your job?

When you come across something you just can’t fix. It happens.


1:00 What's your proudest moment?

That's hard. Probably speaking at the premature baby charity, Bliss, National Family Centred Care Conference in February 2012. I delivered a talk on how to help parents be at the centre of their babies care in NICU.


1:17 One piece of advice for new qualified Maternity Nurses?

Never stop learning and never get bored of learning.

One piece of advice for new qualified Maternity Nurses?   Never stop learning and never get bored of learning.