Completing your gentle sleep consultant training courses with Babyem

So you’re thinking about enhancing your skillset and taking a sleep training course. Congratulations! As the premier sleep-training provider we can definitely help you with that.


We offer 2 different pathways to help you achieve your goal:


  • An in-depth short self-study course (online)
  • A 16-week comprehensive course (online)
sleep Consultant Training courses

Choose your sleep path

You can read the overviews below to choose your path and then click through for full details of each option. 


Whether you’re brand new to providing sleep support, offering it as part of the support you give your families, or you’re working as a sleep consultant, we have a course that’s right for you. 


Babyem’s gentle sleep consultant courses are accredited through the Open College Network (OCN). This allows you to achieve a formal accreditation whilst developing your skills and confidence in work supporting families.




Babyem’s online Gentle Sleep Practitioner Training includes interactive video-based training that teaches the most current evidence based thinking in relation to the understanding of the science of normal sleep for newborns and infants. The course addresses topics ranging from, night waking, naps, how food affects sleep, self soothing and controlled crying, safe sleep, and more.




Babyem’s 2 day Gentle Sleep Coach Training is led by Holistic Sleep Coach & International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Lyndsey Hookway. This practical, evidence based sleep course consists of one day of online training content and one day of attendance to an in-person training in London.




The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program stands out as the most comprehensive option internationally, offering over 100 hours of content that you can access for a lifetime.


Dive into a complete training experience with insights from over 25 world-renowned experts. But it's not just about the information; it's about practical application.


In this certified program, you'll receive weekly coaching sessions with Lyndsey Hookway, the expert behind THE book on Holistic Sleep Coaching. Plus, we'll guide you on how to grow your business, covering everything from marketing to finding clients and setting up for success, with ongoing support from our team at Babyem.



If you want to learn how to support families in a gentle, responsive way that gets them results, without resorting to non-responsive techniques, which conflict with their responsive parenting beliefs, our gentle, holistic sleep programs are for you. Our ideal students fall into one of these categories:


If you are a professional such as a childminder, health professional, doula, nanny or newborn care specialist (maternity nurse) wanting to work alongside families and provide evidence-based information about normal newborn and infant sleep, as well as age appropriate information and strategies to improve sleep when appropriate then the short Gentle Sleep Practitioner training courses we offer are right for you. These courses are an introduction to the holistic approach we cover in the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program as well as practical strategies and tools to support families.


Ready to take things to the next level? Already offering sleep support or new to sleep and passionate wanting to build a sleep coaching business? With over 100 hours of content, leading specialists working by your side, The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program goes way beyond the strategies and supports our students to be able to support families with sleep in a way that gets results, without resorting to non-responsive techniques, which conflict with their responsive parenting beliefs. We go beyond the clinical side of things and support you to build a viable business too.

Check out the graphic below to see the clear differences between the two programs. It's your guide to choosing the perfect path supporting families with sleep.


“Our gentle sleep consultant training courses are designed to disrupt the sleep space and challenge outdated beliefs regarding infant sleep.”


We believe that your sleep course is only the start, and we are dedicated to supporting our students throughout their career. 


Your teachers and cohort will be there for you as you go through your course and also after the course – so that if you have any should you have questions whilst working with families you feel supported. 


Two of our three sleep courses provide different levels of mentorship and support: 


  • Our online 18-week Holistic Sleep Coaching Program includes FREE quarterly CPD sessions, and a dedicated Facebook community so that all ongoing queries can be answered by a leading team of experts. 
  • Our online Sleep Educator Course also includes a private Facebook group and monthly Q&A sessions where you are mentored by the course tutor, Andrea Strang.

Our gentle sleep consultant training courses are structured around active participation as a valuable tool for learning. We use a variety of teaching aids to suit each sleep coaching course and its participants – from case study analysis and role-play to quizzes and practical assessments. Whatever your learning style, we’ve got you covered.

All of our gentle sleep consultant training courses are available online through our learning portal (with a hands-on feel) through our Facebook groups and online coaching calls. This provides flexibility and accessibility so that no matter how busy you are, juggling kids or clients you won’t miss a thing! 

Our gentle sleep consultant training coaching courses are delivered by change-makers in the industry, who are fiercely passionate about their work, which seeks to empower and support families. 


In addition to running their private practices, their achievements have included: 


  • Written Cochrane reviews and NICE guidelines.
  • Published articles .
  • Frequently mentioned in the media. 
  • Worked to develop the global WHO/UNICEF BabyFriendly Hospital Initiative.
  • Published authors.
  • International Speakers. 
  • Leading campaigns such as the Makebirthbetter campaign.


All trainers receive ongoing CPD and our sleep courses are regularly reviewed by both our agency and OCN.

andrea strang


Andrea is a Holistic and Gentle Sleep Consultant, Doula, Adult Insomnia Coach, author, and Practitioner. She holds two university certificates in Advanced Marriage and Family Functioning and Home and Family, from Brigham Young University In her sleep practice, she has helped over 8000 families get better sleep. She also has extensive hands-on experience working with babies throughout the night. Andrea has also spent the past 8 years training and mentoring Sleep Consultants and Night Coaches around the world and has written 3 books related to infant and child sleep.

lyndsey hookway

Lyndsey Hookway holistic sleep coach


Lyndsey is an experienced Paediatric Nurse, Health Visitor and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Holistic Sleep Coach. As an International speaker, Lyndsey regularly teaches health, lactation and childcare professionals. She is also the co-founder and clinical director of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, and the author of Holistic Sleep Coaching and Let’s talk about your new family’s sleep and has written a number of published articles.

emma dewey


Babyem specialises in offering accredited childcare and postnatal maternity nurse training courses in the UK, internationally and also online. The Babyem team consists of over 20 antenatal and postnatal specialists ranging from Lactation Consultants to Early Years Educators. In addition to running Babyem, Emma works with organisations internationally as far afield as Nigeria and China to support them to develop their training, policies and procedures.


With a background in Children Services, Emma has speaks frequently at conferences and has written a number of best practice guidance documents for Local Authorities and Associations, including creating the British Association of Au Pair Agencies (BAPAA) childcare handbook.


The Gentle Sleep Education Courses have been created in partnership with renowned Holistic Sleep Coach Lyndsey Hookway, author of co-founder of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, and Andrea Strange, author, Gentle Sleep Coach and Doula. 


The contribution and knowledge from both trainers, means that students are able to benefit from both tutors’ diverse experiences – from working with international client base and having a wide range of skills including Andrea being a doula and sleep coach, and Lyndsey being IBCLC and a sleep coach.


In the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, you will be taught by and have access to over 25 world-renowned experts, whose expertise is as wide-ranging as allergies, ​nutritional deficits,  feeding, sensory and special needs, business-building, marketing, and more.


Completing the accredited version of the course demonstrates your ability to digest information, and sets you apart from those that don’t hold an accredited course. 


However, with our online sleep practitioner training course, we offer a ‘non accredited’ option, where you simply complete the online course and all the quizzes and then you are able to download your certificate of completion. 


Regardless of whether you complete the non-accredited course or the accredited course, you will be able to download your certificate of completion once you have completed the online content. We offer this option as we recognise that for people completing coursework, they will want to be able to demonstrate they have completed the course content.

We understand that life gets in the way, and sometimes you need more time to complete the assessment. If that happens you simply email us and let us know, so we can help you if needed.

We want to support your career growth and that’s why we have generous payment plans to make our courses really affordable.

That may be the case and for good reason. When you train with us, you can be confident that you are learning from the leaders in the industry. We often train the people that set up courses to train others in our field! We heavily invest in our students and when you consider the ongoing support we provide, in the end, our courses work out to be less than the other organizations (and that is before you work in added costs of travel costs and babysitters).

There are many sleep courses available internationally. 


However is all the information and advice they offer based on evidence?


Do the tips and strategies promote biological and developmental needs, as well as the many competing factors affecting the child’s sleep? Quite often the answer is no.


We believe that if you provide sleep support to young families, you are in a unique position to have a significant positive influence on families.


Our approach is holistic, gentle, and evidence based and puts families at the centre of the support provided. 


Our trainers are the leading experts in the field, including Holistic Sleep Coach & IBCLC Lyndsey Hookway, who has written THE book on Holistic Sleep Coaching.


Our extensive team of sleep coaches and expert contributors are change makers in the industry, and in promoting gentle, holistic, responsive parenting. 


Our aim is to provide the best sleep education available.

Great news, we're excited to have you join us! To get started, simply click on the sleep course you're interested in, located above, which will direct you to the specific course page.


For our Gentle Sleep Practitioner Course, you can sign up directly. For the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, we have a tailored application process to ensure each student is the right fit. We'll have a detailed conversation during our 45 minute strategy call about your goals and how our intensive coaching and mentoring can support your aspirations.

Both the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program and the Gentle Sleep Education Course include access to dedicated Facebook groups. These groups are a fantastic resource for quick answers to your course-related questions and ongoing support as you work with clients.


For more in-depth guidance, our Holistic Sleep Coaching Program includes bi-weekly coaching calls to help you effectively implement what you’ve learned and accelerate your growth.


If you encounter any non-course-related issues, such as payment queries, technical problems, or questions about deadlines, please reach out to the Babyem team directly. We’re here to help and ensure your learning experience is smooth and rewarding!

Currently there is no set industry ‘qualification’ that qualifies you to be a sleep consultant. This means that after any sleep course, you could technically call yourself a sleep coach/sleep consultant/sleep nanny etc…

We offer a short gentle sleep course which is ideal if you are working alongside parents and supporting them with sleep in a gentle and holistic way. 

The benefit of completing the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program is that you can complete an in-depth training program, which is delivered by leading specialists in the field. This enables you to feel confident that you are receiving the best possible information and guidance that will put you in the best position to help you in your work supporting families.

Let’s talk about “overwhelm” for a second.


Overwhelm happens when you don’t have an actionable plan and easy to follow information to follow. We have created our sleep courses in a way that ensures you never feel overwhelmed. We pride ourselves on taking complex thinking and science and making it easy to understand and digest so you can take practical steps when working with families. 


We don’t present you with “all the things, all at once”. We break down all of our courses into easy to digest lessons with practical steps, with videos, text, quizzes graphics and downloads to support all learning styles. 


Our courses are designed to help you digest the right information at the right time with lessons building on top of each other. 

Each course outlines the estimated time that's required to successfully complete the course.


As all of our sleep courses are available online you are able to log in and out when convenient for you, meaning you can work as many or as few hours as your schedule allows.


We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on our Gentle Sleep Practitioner Course.

We are so confident in the quality of our training that we know that we are providing you with the best training in the industry, supported by leading experts.

However, we also want you to feel comfortable with your investment – so we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you join and within 14 days and decide the Gentle Sleep Practitioner course isn’t right for you, then you can request a full refund and we wish you well for the future.

We are confident that you will love the course and we are very excited at the opportunity to support you and be part of your journey!

The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program is not subject to the same refund policy. Our sales team will discuss this with you during your strategy call. 

Whether you’re new to the world of sleep or already helping families to get better sleep, the Gentle Sleep Practitioner Training will provide you with a myriad of gentle and supportive strategies so you feel confident to help families improve sleep.


Online Gentle Sleep Practitioner Training at a glance:


  • Accredited at level 3 & 4 through Open College Network.
  • 12 learning modules for level 3, 16 for level 4 accreditation.
  • In-depth sleep strategies with over 18 hours of content.
  • Delivered via bite-sized online lessons in our training portal so you can fit your learning around a busy lifestyle (text, video, and quizzes to support all learning styles).
  • Includes basic business training to help you build your business.
  • Ongoing mentoring via access to our monthly live online workshops / Q&A coaching sessions with Andrea Strang. 
  • Ongoing access to our private Facebook community where you can get your questions answered by your course tutors Andrea Strang, which will support you not only when working through the course but also when working with families.
  • The trainers are the best in the field – Lyndsey Hookway is breastfeeding expert and holistic sleep coach, and Andrea Strang is a doula and gentle sleep coach so you get the breadth of their experience with the complementary skills of 2 trainers.

The course enables you to understand the different approaches to supporting families with sleep, how to create the right sleep environment and an insight into how to effectively complete sleep consultations with parents. You will also explore real life case studies.


You will cover key factors that contribute to babies and children waking in the night including sleep regression, developmental milestones, cognitive changes, nutritional factors and environmental factors. The Gentle Sleep Coach Training also addresses sleeping behaviours in older children including child psychology and how different types of attachment can manifest into sleep problems.


During the in-person training day, you will build on what you have learned during the online training, as well putting theory into practice through reviewing sleep diaries to interpret sleep problems and practically reviewing how to target sleep interventions to the root cause. You will focus on quick wins, and how to co-create sleep strategies with families.


2 Day Blended Gentle Sleep Coach Training, Online & In-Person at a glance:


  • Accredited at level 3 & 4 through Open College Network.
  • 10 online learning modules, and an additional 8 topics are covered during the in person training.
  • Over 6 hours of online learning content to help you get quick wins for the families you are working with.
  • Online training is delivered via bite-sized online lessons in our training portal so you can fit your learning around a busy lifestyle (text, video, and quizzes to support all learning styles.)
  • One face-to-face learning day in a group setting, led by Lyndsey Hookway to get your questions answered.
  • An opportunity to dig into case studies and apply what you’ve learnt online during the in-person training day with Lyndsey Hookway.
  • Includes a Business Kickstarter bonus training to give your the fundamentals to help you build your business
    Led by Holistic Sleep Coach & International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Lyndsey Hookway, one of the best in the field, a breastfeeding expert and holistic sleep coach.
  • This course supports you to understand the different approaches to supporting families with sleep, and helps you when working with families to find gentler, more age appropriate solutions for common sleep challenges, as well as guiding the right referrals for more complex problems.

We’re giving you everything you need to make a bigger impact, learn from the BEST in the field, and build a sleep coaching career that you love.


As well as being theoretically grounded, the course is also highly practical. We spend time reviewing real-life case studies and consultations in order to help you feel confident as a Holistic Sleep Coach, no matter what situations you encounter. Your clients want to look to you as the expert, and we give you the training to make that happen.


We understand the importance of having the right support around you to ensure you succeed as a sleep coach and that’s why our support goes far beyond the course content! We offer intense marketing support and also continued professional development training. You will also be part of our graduate community where you can receive ongoing support from course leaders and your peers when working with clients.


Getting started

You will need to book a call with a member of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program team to discuss your options. When you are accepted on to the program you can start right away!


Holistic Sleep Coaching Program at a glance:

  • Accredited at level 6 through Open College Network.
  • 16 learning modules with over 100 hours of training content and step-by-step practice-based learning.
  • Delivered via bite-sized online lessons in our training portal so you can fit your learning around a busy lifestyle (text, audio, video, and quizzes to support all learning styles.)
  • You will be taught by over 25 world-renowned experts.
  • A full suite of business training, including social media strategy, mindset coaching, marketing and tech strategy, to help you build your business.
  • Ongoing marketing mentoring via our monthly live online coaching sessions with Emma Dewey.
  • Ongoing mentoring via access to our twice weekly live online Q&A coaching sessions with our sleep expert Lyndsey Hookway.
  • Ongoing access to our private Facebook community where you can get your questions answered by our experts, which will support you not only when working through the course but also when working with families.
  • Swipes and resources – You will also receive downloadable course materials that we have used in our practice supporting clients internationally, including terms of conditions, a sleep diary, sleep plan, code of conduct as well as marketing resources.
  • Ongoing continued professional development – we provide our graduates with free ongoing support after they have graduated. We run regular continued professional development training, and you will be part of our graduate community where you can receive ongoing support from course leaders and your peers when working with clients.
  • Understand the holistic approach, the factors affecting sleep and how to help families with more complex cases.
  • Confidently complete consultations, increase your expertise to become known as a specialist and attract more customers.