Patrizia Monetti

Passion Maternity
Passion Maternity
  • Stoke Poges - Slough, United Kingdom
  • 30, January 2023

I have been in tourism for more than 20 years and to be able to help, assist guide, and mentor, comes very naturally to me.
Everything started while volunteering at the hospital during lockdown at the MAC (Maternity Assessment Care) over two years ago now.

While doing my first placement with the Twins N. and L, after a couple of shifts they were both recognizing my tone of voice. Another fascinating aspect of working with infants is that I can bond very quickly. The evidence is that the twins were settling into my arms effortlessly. While volunteering at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough for two years in the postnatal ward, I created long-lasting memories with mums, that initially were a little bit skeptical to allow me to handle their newborns. Finally, while volunteering at the hospital, I had the privilege to introduce an older sibling, to a brand new-born sister. I, for the first time, witnessed tears of joy, and an abundance of unconditional love.

I would be forever grateful to be able to assist you in transitioning to a brand-new lifestyle.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Sun June 19th 2022
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