Professional Nanny
Professional Nanny
  • LONDON, United Kingdom
  • 28, November 2022

I am a Montessori-trained Nanny who has spent the last 4+ years working on a sole-charge and shared-basis with families. I have been working for my primary family for coming up to 4 years, starting when their first-born was around 10 months old. Before then, I supported them on an ad-hoc basis during the Newborn phase. Since working with them, they have gone on to have a second baby who I have helped look after since birth and sole-charge since around 3 months old.
I have lots of experience with young babies and children, coming from a large family and with lots of ad-hoc and babysitting experience.
I have also volunteered at Great Ormond Street Hospital since 2016, providing support and play for families and siblings of patients.
I love to sing, read and be creative.

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Foundation Degree with Distinction in Montessori Early Childhood Practice @ Montessori Centre International
Sep 2016 — Jul 2018

First year:
• Montessori Philosophy and Curriculum
• Perspectives on Children’s Development and Well-being
• 400 hours of professional placement at a local Montessori Nursery.
Second year:
• Pedagogy and curriculum in the Early Years
• Supporting diversity in early childhood
• Creative thinking and Representation
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development
• 2 days/week in a Montessori nursery.


Private Ad-Hoc nanny
Jun 2019 — Feb 2020

I provided care for a baby of 6 months onwards supporting mum while she worked from home. I would cook her meals, settle her for naps, prepare bottles and take her out to activities and groups.

Private Nanny @ Private Nanny Family
Jan 2019 — Current

I've been working for my current family since their first born was 10 months old on a sole-charge basis. Prior to this, I also supported mum on an ad-hoc basis. While sole-charge, I supported her development through activities, in the home and at playgroups and playdates. I supported the parents through weaning and developing and adapting routines as she grew up and her needs changed. In January 2021, a new baby entered the scene and I was part of his care from birth, and then in a sole-charge capacity from approximately 3 months old. I supported the parents and sibling during the period of change after baby's birth and have been helped support his development through developmentally appropriate activities at home, at playgroups and with friends. My role has also included all child-related duties including keeping children's areas tidy, washing and putting away clothes, cleaning and sorting feeding equipment and cooking for the children.

Volunteer @ Great Ormond Street Hospital
Mar 2016 — Current

I support patients and their siblings and families on the wards, bringing activities and providing conversation. Prior to the pandemic, I trained to join Team Baby who are given specialist training on supporting the babies within the hospital environment in a non-medical capacity.

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