At Babyem, holistic and evidence based practice is at the heart of everything we teach in our Maternity Nurse Training ONline

At Babyem, our maternity nurse training online isn’t just a course about caring for babies. It’s about providing you with the tools, expertise, and ongoing guidance to take what you love – caring for newborns – and help you make an impact in the world and build a rewarding career.


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We support you every step of the way, based on what we know you need, from our 10+ years specialising in training for baby and child care professionals, including…

Putting holistic and evidence-based practice at the heart of everything you learn. We teach you what you need to know, based on the most up to date research, so that you can support families to make informed choices that protect the parent-child relationship.


Having a multi-agency team of industry experts on hand to support you. Our globally-recognised trainers are instrumental in shaping and changing our industry, having written NICE guidelines, Cochrane reviews, and many are published authors.


Cutting through the myths and supporting you to help parents to make informed choices. We don’t just tell you WHAT to do, we tell you WHY (based on evidence) and HOW to apply theory into PRACTICE to meet the individual needs of each child. 


Gain practical hands-on experience, confidence, and be best-placed to find employment, through our newborn placement scheme. You get our full support, from helping you apply, matching you with placements, and pairing you with our Maternity Nurse Ambassadors for direct support.


Providing you with continued learning opportunities to keep you up to date with best practice and changing guidelines. You have access to live monthly workshops through our online community, as well as support from experienced maternity nurses and peers.


What you receive when you sign up to the Babyem online Maternity Nurse Training:

With our online maternity course, you have the benefit of completing the training in your own time, at home, on the go, day or night. Course highlights include:

We don’t just teach you WHAT to do, we teach you WHY to do it, so that you can feel confident that you are giving your clients the best possible support.

The online Maternity Nurse Training is accredited at level 3, 4 and 5 through the Open College Network, the largest vocational awarding body in the UK.

Being part of our active community you will receive monthly Q& A seminars and have your questions answered by industry specialists and experienced Maternity Nurses.

So you can use these documents with your clients and always look professional 

With audio and downloadable options, we make it easy for you to learn, whatever your style and no matter how busy you are.

Gain practical experience and develop your confidence through our newborn placement scheme, which is available for all students in England (see more details below). As seen in the industry magazine Nursery World


Perfect for those who are looking for a more flexible role caring for babies, supporting families at home and those wanting to learn a wide range of skills to meet babies needs.


Nannies looking to develop baby care skills in their current role. Or those looking for a more flexible role caring for babies.


Childcare professionals such as Nursery Nurses, Childminders, Health Professionals and Family Support Workers who want to support families with babies within a childcare or home setting.


Maternity Nurses who are wanting to refresh their knowledge with current evidence-based practice. As well as those wanting to learn a wide range of skills to meet the individual needs of babies.


People who have baby experience and are looking to advance their knowledge in the care of babies or transition into the baby care sector.

“This maternity course exceed my expectations and explored all possible topics that I could imagine, all of which were based on scientific research.”


Anna Chrysa Rutter, Nanny & Montessori Teacher


“We cover the most important aspects of caring for baby in both Level 3 & Level 4.”


Emma Dewey Director Babyem

  • Sleep requirements for babies and sleep cycles.
  • Comfort measures to soothe a cranky/tired baby.
  • Common mistakes people make when supporting babies to sleep.
  • Infant brain development.
  • Different philosophies and approaches regarding sleep.
  • Gentle (evidence-based) sleep techniques to encourage babies to self-settle/sleep through the night.
  • Safe sleep for babies.
  • Symptoms of colic, non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatment for colic.
  • Symptoms of reflux (including physiological reflux and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease).
  • Treatment for reflux and knowing when to see a specialist.
  • The role of genes, bacteria, stress, nutrition and environmental toxins in the development of allergies.
  • Exploration of the different types of allergy, including lactose intolerance and cow’s milk allergy.
  • Understand how to help a baby with allergies.
  • Caring for babies – from head to toe.
  • Signs and symptoms of common and serious illness in babies, and when to seek help.
  • Supporting the development of babies through play.
  • Caring for premature babies and the effects on parents.
  • The possible short and long-term effects of premature birth.
  • Particular areas of concern post-discharge.
  • How maternity nurses can help to care for premature babies and provide support to parents
  • How babies feed, including infant suckling/sucking.
  • Ensuring the correct positioning and attachment of baby onto the breast.
  • Getting milk supply correctly established and building up the supply.
  • Expressing milk, including methods and when to do this.
  • Supplementing feeds, including reasons to supplement and how to effectively do this.
  • Bottle feeding, including pace feeding and how to prepare and store bottles.
  • Breastfeeding problems and strategies to support parents.
  • Postnatal depression, including prevalence and what support can be provided.
  • Birth Trauma and wider mental health issues relating to birth.
  • The importance of protecting the pelvic floor and practical guidance on how to do it.
  • Essential nutrition.
  • What practical support can be provided to support new mothers.
  • Different types of maternity roles.
  • Travelling with families.
  • Business basics – pay, insurance, contracts, setting up as self-employed.
  • Gaining experience and attracting the right clients for you.

TRAINING INCLUDED WITH Level 4 Course Only ...

Take the advanced option knowing you'll be fully supported even if you haven't studied for a while.

  • How families are changing
  • Different cultural groups that have distinct and specific needs
  • How to support the LGBT community
  • Developmental milestones
  • Leaps and phases
  • Flat head syndrome – is it all the same?
  • Synostotic v Non Synostotic flat head syndrome
  • Treatment plans available


Be part of a supportive, informative community.

You get lifetime access to our members-only private Facebook group, so you’re part of a supportive, like-minded community, where you can connect with peers and make new friends (even if you’re an introvert!)


Also, your tutors and experienced Maternity Nurses are regularly in the group, answering questions, providing practical guidance, and sharing their knowledge – perfect for boosting your confidence and learning from your own questions and those of your peers.

When you join Babyem, you will have instant access to ALL our previous masterclasses. This comprehensive vault of training includes topics such as caring for multiples, tongue-tie and infant feeding, and understanding birth trauma. Having this training at your fingertips will boost your confidence and enhance your expertise.

We take your ONGOING success very seriously and access to your support group continues long after your training is complete. We run monthly live workshops and Q&A sessions with industry experts who support our graduates across a range of business, mindset and practical childcare related topics. It could be anything from legally protecting your business to the science behind carrying babies. 

These workshops are there to fast track your success and confidence when working with newborns and families. They also provide an opportunity to connect with other like-minded professionals. 


We give you everything you need, and in the unlikely event of something not being included that you want to know more about…just ask and chances are we’ll be able to include it.



“85% of our Maternity Nurse trainees said the newborn placement scheme had helped them to gain full time employment.”

The quality of our teaching and ongoing direct access to globally-respected trainers in the field of newborn baby care already puts us at the forefront of maternity training.


But it’s important to us that we give our students the BEST, and that’s why, if you’re based in England, you can take advantage of our Babyem Newborn Placement Scheme.


Learning is good. But going that extra step…combining learning with practical hands-on experience is what sets you apart and makes you best-placed to confidently support parents of newborns of 0-3 months.


Having more practical experience also makes you the natural choice for clients so you’re more likely to gain employment.

Step One: You complete your Babyem OCN Level 3 or 4 Maternity Nurse Training (Online or London)


Step Two: You have a 1-to-1 consultation with one of the Babyem team. This is where we really get to know you and your goals, and understand where you are in terms of your experience and confidence so we can match you with the best placement. We also go through your CV if you have one (and we provide additional training and tips on how to create / improve your CV)


Step Three: We explain the best way to undertake your first placement, including how to contact them. We guide you on what to say, and what to expect during the placement. Then you can find families who are ideal for you and your level of experience and confidence to match with on our secure portal, and we support you through this process. During your placement we check in with you, so you always feel supported.


PLUS: you are teamed up with a Babyem ambassador. Your ambassador is an experienced Maternity Nurse, and fully in tune with the Babyem ethos of being gentle, holistic, evidence based, and all about empowering families. They are there to support you during your placement…whether it’s to answer a question ‘in the moment’, give you a confidence boost, or help you know what to say or do, our ambassador system (in addition to the ongoing support in our Facebook group) has you covered.


You can see full details of the Babyem Placement Scheme here.


We work closely with a range of organisations, including NCT groups, Great Ormond Street Hospital, charities such as Homestart and Gingerbread, national multiples groups The Twins and Multiple Births Association and Twins UK, plus we receive many self-referrals from parents, so we’re confident you’ll be able to gain experience on at least one, if not several, newborn placements to enhance your experience. 

child care course details


“At Nannies Incorporated we need our maternity nurses to be the best in the industry. We are continuously impressed by their level of maternity and nanny training.”

Nannies Incorporated

“We highly recommend Babyem as a maternity nurse course provider. Those with a background in childcare wishing to train as a maternity nurse should enrol.”

Maternally Yours

“We are really impressed not only with the content of the Babyem course and all that it covers, but also the teaching style and the flow of the day. “

Eden Private Staff

“Our Nanny candidates have consistently given us great feedback about Babyem, which cover a comprehensive range of skills and subjects.”

Greycoat Lumleys


We cannot possibly guarantee someone a job after attending our course (we get asked this daily!). But we can guarantee that you will be provided with up to date evidence-based information, with lots of ongoing support so that you are well prepared to support parents. We strongly believe this makes you best-placed for favourable consideration by prospective clients.


We are also a very friendly bunch and always happy to discuss your career goals. Our Facebook Group is also a brilliant place to network with others, and often a place where graduates forward jobs and support each other.


We work with a number of leading Nanny and Maternity Agencies in the field (you can find a list of our recommended agencies HERE) and provide support with CV writing as a basic service to all our candidates.

For our students in England, we offer a placement scheme, which is open to learners who have completed the course. (This is currently only available in England.) During the course, we will also discuss ways in which you can gain additional practical experience, and develop skills, confidence and gain references. 


We are also a very friendly bunch and always happy to discuss your career goals. Our Facebook Group is also a brilliant place to network with others, and often a place where graduates forward jobs which can be opportunities for you to gain additional experience.

During the course, we focus on how to care for babies and families. There are many ways you can use the skills you will learn during this course, including: 


  • Working in the community with the mothers, perhaps as a childcare professional or health professional. 
  • Working as a Nanny where the employer may be having a baby and you want to develop your knowledge in this area. 
  • Working as a Night Nanny – solely wanting to support parents and babies overnight. 
  • Working as a Maternity Nurse caring for newborns. 
  • Perhaps you are working with new mothers and want to develop your knowledge on how to support mothers and babies so you are able to serve your clients better. 
  • Increase your general knowledge so that you can support a member of your family who is having a baby.

Life experience is seen as an asset! We often work with individuals who have had children, and can’t quite believe that you can do what you love as a job!

A good rule of thumb would be two hours per week watching the lessons. If you are completing the level 3 Online Maternity Nurse Training, we estimate it will take 30 hours to complete the assessment paper. If you are completing the level 4 assessment paper this is likely to take approximately 40 hours of learning. 


However, the course has been designed to support you to complete the assessment, and we provide you with the key theory and practical steps to ensure you can not only complete the course, but feel confident when working with families. 


We take pride in the fact that this is not a ‘light’ course, we want our graduates to feel confident that they are providing the best possible care to families.

When you train with us you can feel confident that you are learning the latest guidelines. Our training has been created by globally-respected leaders in the newborn education sector. They are the change-makers in the industry who have helped shape NICE guidelines, Cochrane Reviews, campaigned for better births, shaped university training programs and many are published authors. 


We are the ONLY newborn care training agency that provides extensive mentorship and continued professional development. We see the training as the first step in your career and we invest in you, and your vision to support families and make an impact in the community.

Our online Maternity Nurse Training consists of in-depth online content based on the latest evidence that promotes our students to take a holistic approach when working with families.  


The course is tailored to varied learning styles and includes videos, text, images, quizzes and recorded presentations.

Once you successfully make the payment, you will receive a receipt. 


Within 5 minutes, you will receive confirmation that you have successfully enrolled onto the program. You will be sent a welcome email that includes your login details. Should you need additional assistance, please send us an email at info@babyem.co.uk and we can happily help you.

We have generous payment plans where you can pay in 3 instalments which makes our Online Maternity Nurse Training really affordable! (Fees apply)

That may be the case, and for good reason. When you train with us, you can be confident that you are learning from the leaders in the industry. We often train the people that set up courses to train others in our field.


We heavily invest in our students and when you consider the ongoing support we provide, with monthly continued professional development, our UK placement scheme, and mentorship scheme, you’ll see why our course is an excellent investment in your career. In the end, with everything that’s included, our courses work out to be less than those from other organizations!

In order to receive the OCN accreditation in Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training, you will need to complete the essay-based assignment.


The assessment details can be accessed on the course platform. You are given 7 weeks to complete the assessment. Each question is approximately 250- 300 words each and relates to the topics covered during the course.


Once completed your work will be marked internally by your assigned course tutor, and then assessed by Open College Network.


If there are any amendments to be made, we let you know by emailing you (or scheduling a call if required) and you are given extra time to make those amendments.


Once your work has been successfully verified, you will receive your certificate through Open College Network. Please note that OCN take approximately 4-6 weeks to verify and submit certificates to us. 

You are welcome to complete the course, attend the live workshops and not complete the assessment. If you choose to do this, on successful completion of all of the multiple-choice questions you will be given a certificate of achievement (non-accredited).


You must have a good level of conversational English. The course is taught in English and assignments must be completed in English.

Students are required to have at least 1-year baby experience (including newborn experience) before attending this course.


In order to complete the online element of the Maternity Nurse Training course, candidates are required to have the following in place:


  • Internet access and a working email address
  • Up to date internet browser such as Google Chrome/ Internet Explorer/Safari/Firefox.
  • Ability to hear audio/video via your computer
  • Use of a computer to study the course – tablets and smartphones are not advisable for studying.

Yes! We want to make it easy for you to digest all the information!


Each module (topic) consists of a number of lessons, and most lessons have sub-lessons. After each of the lessons, you will be required to complete short multiple choice questions. You are required to achieve 80% in each of the lessons to pass, however, you are able to retake those tests. Therefore, if you do not pass, you keep retaking until you do!

Great news, we can’t wait to start working with you! All you need to do is click the link which will take you to the booking page, where you can choose the right payment plan for you.

The quickest way to get your questions answered is to post them in the Facebook groups, which are there specifically to support you with course queries and ongoing questions when working with clients. 

If you have any other non course-related queries regarding payment, tech, deadlines etc… then please contact the Babyem team and we can happily help you.


DR EMMA Svanberg Clinical Psychologist

Chartered clinical psychologist Dr Emma Svanberg (DClinPsy) is known as The Mumologist and works with parents and parents to be supporting them through their parenting journey. Working as part of a collective, Emma and her colleagues together offer whole-family support in person and through her online community The Village. Emma is a published author and her work has been featured in The Guardian, Marie Claire, BBC News and Mother & Baby. She brings over 10 years of academic and clinical experience to help you understand why this period should not be treated as ‘business as usual’, but is a time of immense pressure and stress for parents.

helen turier


Helen has been Support Services Manager for Tamba since August 2014 and she is also a mother of twins. She qualified as a nurse in 1984 and has extensive experience in health promotion, telephone triage, coaching, education and training . Helen is responsible for overseeing all our support services including Twinline, Specialist support groups, honorary consultants, helping hands, expectant and parenting courses and engaging with maternity units in England and Wales.

shel banks



Shel is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with extensive experience within the NHS in research, training and project management. Her own successful private practice assists mothers and babies with feeding issues, and she also works in the tertiary sector with various national organisations.
She is the author of “Why Formula Feeding Matters”, and is currently working on the Cochrane systematic reviews on Infantile Colic. Shel is heavily involved in the voluntary sector being the Vice-Chair for the UK Association of Milk Banking, and Chair of Communications Team for the Lactation Consultants of Great Britain.



Kay began her physiotherapy career in the musculoskeletal arena having undertaken post graduate training both in the UK and Canada. She established Physiolink in 1990. Building on her spinal background she diversified into Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction and is now one of the leading physiotherapists in this field in the UK. She completed a programme of research investigating pelvic floor exercises in collaboration with The University of Hertfordshire and Northwick Park and St Mark’s Hospitals. Kay has published and presented her research internationally and in Spring 2008 was awarded the prize for best scientific presentation at the annual conference of CSUK (Continence Society UK). Her doctoral degree was awarded in June 2014.



Hannah Rose looks after health and wellness relationships for the award-winning femtech company Elvie, which creates extraordinary products to improve women’s lives, including products to help with the pelvic floor. Hannah Rose helps professionals integrate the Elvie Trainer into the care that they deliver, as well as managing research on the positive impact this has for patients.




Vanessa Christie is a registered Lactation Consultant, Registered Health Visitor, Registered Nurse (Children) and Certified Infant Massage Instructor. She is the author of ‘The Baby Feeding Book’, and has worked with thousands of families over the last 16 years in a variety of settings including acute paediatric medical and surgical wards, neonatal intensive care and neonatal special care units, GP surgeries, children’s centres, schools, nurseries and private homes.

lyndsey hookway

Lyndsey Hookway holistic sleep coach


Lyndsey is an experienced Paediatric Nurse, Health Visitor and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Holistic Sleep Coach. As an International speaker, Lyndsey regularly teaches health, lactation and childcare professionals. She is also the co-founder and clinical director of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, and the author of Holistic Sleep Coaching and Let’s talk about your new family’s sleep and has written a number of published articles.

emma dewey


Babyem specialises in offering accredited childcare and postnatal maternity nurse training courses in the UK, internationally and also online. The Babyem team consists of over 20 antenatal and postnatal specialists ranging from Lactation Consultants to Early Years Educators. In addition to running Babyem, Emma works with organisations internationally as far afield as Nigeria and China to support them to develop their training, policies and procedures.


With a background in Children Services, Emma has speaks frequently at conferences and has written a number of best practice guidance documents for Local Authorities and Associations, including creating the British Association of Au Pair Agencies (BAPAA) childcare handbook.

About our facilitators

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well we believe that having a diverse training team of experts enables you to get the very best support, learning from leading specialists in the field.


Our training team are diverse, interesting, fiercely intelligent and able to take the science and make it accessible with a good dose of humour!

“I really enjoyed having the flexibility to study at my own pace, as most child carer’s will know, we work long hours and it can be difficult to find a lot of spare time to study and do other things away from our workplace, so flexibility really was key for me!”




  • Access to 6 core modules
  • Amazing Bonuses and Guest Speakers
  • Flexible & Accessible
  • Lifetime access to online course content
  • Ongoing Mentorship With Access to Monthly Live
  • Workshops and Q&A’s with Guest Experts
  • Private Facebook Group – lifetime access
  • Access to our entire vault of previous masterclasses
  • Access for graduates based in England to access the Babyem newborn placement scheme


  • Access to 6 core modules
  • Amazing Bonuses and Guest Speakers
  • Flexible & Accessible
  • Lifetime access to online course content
  • Ongoing Mentorship With Access to Monthly Live
  • Workshops and Q&A’s with Guest Experts
  • Private Facebook Group – lifetime access
  • Access to our entire vault of previous masterclasses
  • Access for graduates based in England to access the Babyem newborn placement scheme


We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

We are that confident in the quality of our training and we know that we are providing you with the best training in the industry, supported by leading experts.


For more information, please refer to our return policy here.

However, we also want you to feel comfortable with your investment – so we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you join and within 14 days and decide the program isn’t right for you, then you can request a full refund and we wish you well for the future. We are confident that you will love the course and we are very excited at the opportunity to support you and be part of your journey!

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