Completing your Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training COURSES with Babyem

Babyem is the leading UK provider of Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training Courses (newborn education) for pregnancy and birth professionals, childbirth educators, and parenting specialists.


Babyem’s Maternity Courses are accredited through the Open College Network at Level 3 (A-Level standard), Level 4 (foundation degree standard) and Level 5 (degree standard).


All course work is verified both internally and externally to ensure that our training courses meet the strict guidelines of OCN. Our trainers’ experience working within the public and private sectors guarantees that the standard of maternity nurse training offered by Babyem is of the absolute highest calibre.


Trainees come from various childcare backgrounds and include Doulas, Midwives, Maternity Nurses, Nannies and Health Professionals.

sleep Consultant Training courses




All of our courses are available to study online and a number of our flagship courses are also available as in-person training in Central London.

Babyem’s maternity courses are accredited through the Open College Network (OCN). This allows you to to achieve a formal accreditation whilst developing your skills and confidence in your work supporting families.




If you are looking to start your career as a Maternity Nurse supporting families with infants 0-3 months and beyond, our acclaimed Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training accreditation is the perfect choice.


We are the only postnatal maternity training agency to provide an advanced postnatal maternity program for maternity nurses and childbirth educators, who are looking to reflect on complex and challenging situations, with a particular focus on caring for multiples and babies with additional needs.




If you are looking advance your career as a Maternity Nurse supporting families with infants 0-3 months and beyond, our acclaimed Postnatal Maternity Nurse Training Level 5 accreditation is for you.


As an already established professional working with babies, this course is designed to build upon the foundations of the training and experience you already have. It will broaden and deepen your knowledge and expertise, so you can feel confident working with these more complex cases, providing families with this much-needed advanced level of service. 


“85% of our Maternity Nurse trainees said the newborn placement scheme had helped them to gain full time employment.”


EMMA DEWEY Director babyem

We believe that your course is only the start, and we are dedicated to supporting our students throughout their career. 


Your teachers and cohort will be there for you as you go through your course and also after the course – so that if you have any questions whilst working with families you feel supported. 


Our courses provide different levels of mentorship and support. For example:


Our Maternity Nurse Training includes monthly CPD sessions and a dedicated Facebook group. 


Our specialist courses all have Facebook groups linked to them so that if you have any questions you will receive support during the course and whilst working with clients. 

Our maternity courses are structured around active participation as a valuable tool for learning. We use a variety of teaching aids to suit each maternity training session and its participants – from case study analysis and role-play to quizzes and practical assessments. Whatever your learning style, we’ve got you covered.

Our online maternity courses provide flexibility and accessibility so that no matter how busy you are, juggling kids or clients you won’t miss a thing! 

We know that some people prefer face to face training, which is why, as well as the online options, we also run our popular Maternity Nurse Training and Blended Gentle Sleep Coach Training in London. 


These courses are held at the Marriot Hotel in South Kensington, London. With a spacious venue, we aim to ensure you are able to get the most out of the training.

Our training team are change-makers in the industry, who are fiercely passionate about their work, which seeks to empower and support families. 

In addition to running their private practices, their achievements have included: 


  • Written Cochrane reviews and NICE guidelines.
  • Published articles.
  • Frequently mentioned in the media. 
  • Worked to develop the global WHO/UNICEF BabyFriendly Hospital Initiative.
  • Published authors.
  • International Speakers. 
  • Leading campaigns such as the Makebirthbetter campaign.


All trainers receive ongoing CPD and our sleep courses are regularly reviewed by both our agency and OCN


We are proud to be the only maternity nurse training agency with an established newborn maternity work placement programme. Our highly successful maternity nurse work experience scheme is available to all candidates who have completed our postnatal maternity nurse training award. Because we’re passionate about supporting our community, our maternity nurse work placements come via a variety of referral organisations including Great Ormond Street Hospital, NCT, Twins UK and Twins Trust. Previous students have praised this scheme for helping to build their confidence, increase their skills and even helping them gain employment as a maternity nurse.


Great question! Yes, you can definitely work this training into your busy life. How? Well, you have lifetime access to our online training. No childcare needed and no travel time to account for, you just need you and your computer!

Completing the accredited version of the course demonstrates your ability to digest information, and sets you apart from those that don’t hold an accredited course. 


However, with our shorter specialist postnatal maternity courses, we offer a ‘non accredited’ option, where you simply complete the online course and all the quizzes and then you are able to download your certificate of completion. 


Regardless of whether you complete the non-accredited course or the accredited course, you will be able to download your certificate of completion once you have completed the online content. We offer this option as we recognise that for people completing coursework, they will want to be able to demonstrate they have completed the course content.

We understand that life gets in the way, and sometimes you need more time to complete the assessment. If that happens simply email us and let us know, so we can help you if needed.

We want to support your career growth and that’s why we have generous payment plans to make our courses really affordable!

That may be the case and for good reason. When you train with us, you can be confident that you are learning from the leaders in the industry. We often train the people that set up courses to train others in our field! We heavily invest in our students and when you consider the ongoing support we provide, In the end, our courses work out to be less than the other organizations (and that is before you work in added costs of travel costs and babysitters).

Great news, we can’t wait to start working with you! All you need to do is click the postnatal maternity course you are interested in (above) which will take you to the course page, where you can then sign up!

The quickest way to get your questions answered is to post them in the Facebook groups, which are there specifically to support you with course queries and ongoing questions when working with clients. 

If you have any other non-course-related queries regarding payment, tech, deadlines etc… then please contact the Babyem team and we can happily help you.

Let’s talk about “overwhelm” for a second.


Overwhelm happens when you don’t have an actionable plan and easy to follow information to follow. We have created our sleep courses in a way that ensures you never feel overwhelmed. We pride ourselves on taking complex thinking and science and making it easy to understand and digest so you can take practical steps when working with families. 


We don’t present you with “all the things, all at once”. We break down all of our courses into easy to digest lessons with practical steps, with videos, text, quizzes graphics and downloads to support all learning styles. 


Our courses are designed to help you digest the right information at the right time with lessons building on top of each other. 

Each course outlines the estimated time that's required to successfully complete the course.


As all of our postnatal maternity courses are available online you are able to log in and out when convenient for you, meaning you can work as many or as few hours as your schedule allows.


We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. 


We are so confident in the quality of our training that we know that we are providing you with the best training in the industry, supported by leading experts.


However, we also want you to feel comfortable with your investment – so we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you join and within 14 days and decide the program isn’t right for you, then you can request a full refund and we wish you well for the future. We are confident that you will love the course and we are very excited at the opportunity to support you and be part of your journey!

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