60 seconds with…Maite Beltrán, Director of Spanish Nanny Agency

What is the biggest difference between childcare in the UK and childcare in Spain?

The biggest difference is that mums have only four months of maternity so if you don’t have help from your parents or your in-laws you are forced to go back to work, so you have to bring your 4 months old baby to a full-time nursery. Here  you can work only one day etc, whereas in Spain 45% of the families have a split shift, unless you hire a nanny which is less usual thing to do.

Interview with…Angela Farmery, Maternity Nurse

The experience I have gained has been invaluable – particularly with supporting new mothers and helping to reassure them and encourage them to recognise what a great job they are doing.

60 Seconds with…Dr Georgina Clifford BSc DClinPsy

People often assume that PTSD is “something that soldiers from the war get” without fully understanding why and how it develops in the first place. There’s a lack of understanding or at least a lack of public acceptance of just how frightening and disempowering childbirth can be.

60 Seconds With…Christine Hedge, Baby Care Consultant & Maternity Nurse

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The best part of my job is training / educating parents in the importance of a holistic nurturing of babies and to put into place a strong foundation as the first set of building blocks, and then seeing the babies flourish.

Interview with…Katy Simmons, Maternity Nurse

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It can be nerve racking going into a stranger’s home and caring for their precious baby – but I found the placements gave me the confidence that it’s not as scary as I thought it would be, as well as experience with multiples and different family dynamics.

Catching Up With Tania – Parent, Newborn Maternity Placement Scheme

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Gaining newborn experience when starting your career in essential, and a key requirement by most agencies. Our newborn maternity nurse placement schemes enables candidates to put theory into practice, helping candidates to develop skills, knowledge and confidence.

Interview With…Kirsty Bennett

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I really enjoyed both of my placements and feel that they have given me a chance to build on my skills, and feel confident in providing quality care to any family I work for in the future, since my placement.

60 seconds with…Sareeka Sohal, Maternity Nurse

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Best Maternity nurse moment?

When I returned from holiday to see the baby I am caring for smiling up at me…. magical.

Interview With…Ragel Storar, Maternity Nurse

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The placement gave me confidence and made me realise my work really made a difference to the family’s wellbeing. Thank you Babyem!

Interview With…Darcey David, Maternity Nurse

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I definitely would like to pursue maternity nursing as a full-time job – it’s challenging, but my placement with Babyem has given me a very good start!