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Mark Your Calendar

Before you move to the next item on your “to do” list, add the date and time into your calendar (it’s in your confirmation email) so there’s no chance you’ll miss a single moment of the masterclass.


Download Your Fillable Workbook

You’ll work through this book during the Masterclass and can type directly into the digital version. Make sure you have it handy and print it out if that’s your style!


Don’t Forget to Claim Your Bonus

Your Guide To Developmental Milestones that Affect Sleep in Infants is available for download during your scheduled masterclass.

This guide is filled with key information and actionable tips that you can use immediately to ensure you and your clients are armed with key knowledge regarding the development bursts infants go through and the possible ways this will affect their behaviour, sleep and routine. Ensuring you are one step ahead when supporting your clients.


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