4 Steps to Master Sleep Consulting, Attract Ideal Clients, and Achieve Business Freedom

What would change for you if you could support families with sleep?

If you had the skills and confidence to take on complex cases? 🔍

If you could support parents to be calmer, confident, and more empowered in their time of need? 💪🏽

If you could cultivate a successful, profitable sleep coaching business and finally make the impact you set out to achieve? 📈

More and more families are reaching out for sleep support, and receiving conflicting information online that jars with their instincts and doesn’t feel right. Parents are the experts on their children, and yet so often they feel confused and under-confident after accessing mainstream sleep information. With the online sleep space becoming crowded, it’s even more important to stand out and capture the attention of parents for all the right reasons.

You see, the way we support families with sleep has evolved

In our free masterclass, discover why our unique approach to family sleep support is transforming lives, challenging the traditional sleep narrative, and empowering parents.

In this value-packed masterclass, you’ll discover:

The 4 things that are holding many sleep coaches back from supporting families:

Discover how widespread beliefs about sleep support influence strategies and limit the effectiveness of a sleep coaching business.

Proven responsive strategies that your clients really want and need:

Discover our approach to responsive, evidence-based, family-centered sleep coaching that has empowered hundreds of sleep coaches and transformed thousands of families' lives.

A dead simple way to stand out and attract your ideal clients:

Uncover the key to standing out and attracting ideal clients. Learn to craft a unique brand identity that magnetizes your target audience while repelling mismatched clients.

Effortlessly grow your audience and get more clients:

 We're about to reveal four underused tactics that consistently bring in more clients with minimal effort. Most people focus on just one method, but we'll show you the other three that are quietly working wonders in the sleep-consulting world.

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We're Lyndsey and Emma, the co-founders of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program.
Our mission? To empower aspiring sleep consultants like you to launch rewarding careers and create a meaningful impact in the world of sleep coaching.
Lyndsey, with her experience as a researcher, author of six books, sleep mentor, and international speaker, has dedicated her career to supporting thousands of families worldwide. Emma, after a successful career in marketing with global brands, founded Babyem, an international childcare training agency. She has helped industry specialists to scale their businesses online to multiple 6 figures, and also runs coaching program helping sleep specialists scale their impact online
Together, in our program we've trained over 500 students in 47 countries, and we're excited to combine our expertise to guide you on your path to becoming a successful sleep consultant. We believe that making a huge impact on families should never go against parental instincts.

Inside our free masterclass, we're thrilled to unveil what's possible for you. Don't miss out—see you there!

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