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FREE Online Masterclass: 7 Gentle Sleep Strategies, For Babies Aged 0-3 Months How To Support Families and Help Their Baby Sleep, With Stress-Free, Evidence-Based Methods That Work....

From speaking with thousands of childcare and health professionals on our trainings over the last 8+ years here at Babyem, we know that sleep is one of the TOP concerns parents have about their baby.

And with life getting busier, and parents feeling more confused than ever about the ‘right’ way to give their baby the best start in life...we know how vital it is that they can turn to a professional like you, for the latest advice and support.

In this Masterclass, we’ve distilled our best strategies and tips on how to successfully and gently promote better sleep, so you can add this to your skillset and help more parents with this challenging issue.


The latest insights into normal sleep needs


Parents often worry that their little ones are not getting enough sleep, but what is the appropriate amount of day and night sleep? We’ll share the latest science-backed thinking with you.

How to empower parents around sleep issues


Many of the popular sleep messages parents are reading online and in books are not helpful or appropriate for younger babies. This can leave parents confused and struggling with feelings of failure, overwhelm, and guilt. In this Masterclass we’ll give you FIVE ideas on how to promote better sleep for the whole family, so your clients feel empowered instead.

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Why your clients might need different coping strategies, and a review of the alternatives


Sometimes it’s not appropriate to use a sleep strategy because there may be a different issue at play. We’ll share our alternatives to sleep strategies, so you can help your families manage and get by in the short-term.

How to use daytime activities to promote better sleep


Research has shown that daytime environment and activities can improve baby’s sleep, both in the day and in the night. During this Masterclass we take you through a number of daytime activities that improve sleep in babies.

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Routines to promote sleep, based on up-to-the-minute evidence and concepts


Although babies in the 0-3 month range are too young for sleep training, there are several gentle infant sleep strategies that can be employed to shape an infant’s sleep. We’ll share some effective strategies to help babies and their parents sleep better.

Nothing beats learning from someone who has oodles of hands-on experience!

Nothing beats learning from someone who has oodles of hands-on experience!

Andrea is a Holistic and Gentle Sleep Consultant, Doula, Adult Insomnia Coach, Author, and Educator.

She holds two university certificates in Advanced Marriage and Family Functioning and Home and Family, from Brigham Young University, In her sleep practice, she has helped over 8000 families get better sleep.

She also has extensive hands-on experience working with babies throughout the night.

Andrea has also spent the past 8 years training and mentoring Sleep Consultants and Night Coaches around the world and has written 3 books related to infant and child sleep.

And she’ll be sharing her actionable tips and strategies with YOU!

See you there!

And so you know you are in great hands…..

I had completed other sleep courses before finding Babyem, and always had lots of unanswered questions! I was lucky enough to find Babyem’s course to become a Gentle Sleep Educator. This was perfect and exactly what I was looking for – it went way more in-depth into all topics regarding sleep and really focused on empowering parents.

Newborn Care Specialist

This course had a great balance of written content and practical videos, the course is easy to follow and in bite-size modules, which made it totally manageable around my busy life! The trainers are highly knowledgeable, answering every question I had the whole way through… I can’t recommend enough! 

Maternity Nurse

I found the webinars and the live Q&A sessions extremely helpful as these threw more light on different ways of dealing with sleep problems!


At the time of completing the course I was working with a family with a teething baby, this threw all the progress that had been made out of the window and with the information from this course, I was able to reassure parents and we have slowly worked our way through this and got the sleep back on track!

Maternity Nurse
“At Nannies Incorporated we need our maternity nurses to be the best in the industry. We are continuously impressed by their level of maternity and nanny training.”
“We highly recommend Babyem as a maternity nurse course provider. Those with a background in childcare wishing to train as a maternity nurse should enrol.”
“We are really impressed not only with the content of the Babyem course and all that it covers, but also the teaching style and the flow of the day. “

Support Families and Help Their Baby Sleep, With Stress-Free, Evidence-Based Methods That Work....