Shannon Murdock

Experienced Nanny, Newly Qualified Maternity Nurse
Experienced Nanny, Newly Qualified Maternity Nurse
  • London, United Kingdom
  • 3, July 2022

A qualified Maternity Nurse that has achieved a highly accredited level 4 OCN Diploma. Ten years combined experience of working with families with new born babies, older babies and children as a Nanny. Strives to become a confident maternity nurse who can add value to families in terms of support and guidance. Motivated to help families become confident and knowledgeable with their newborn(s) and help find a way that works for each individual family. Exhibits innate compassion for mothers and babies and in-depth knowledge of  after pregnancy care and newborns. Listens carefully and follows directions well. Able to work to an excellent standard under considerable pressure whilst presenting a positive image to others. Keen to find a challenging position within a responsible employer where I will be able to continue to learn, increase my work experience & develop my abilities.



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Maternity Nurse Diploma Level 4 OCN @ Babyem
Mar 2022 — Mar 2022

Provided the tools and expertise to care for newborns and help make an impact in the world and build a rewarding career.

Undergraduate Degree in Makeup for Media and Performance @ Arts University Bournemouth
Sep 2014 — Jun 2017
Diploma in Foundation Art and Design @ University of Ulster
Sep 2012 — Jun 2013


Apr 2020 — Current

Nanny to 3 children, aged 21 months, 4 and 6. Over this 2.5 year period I developed my knowledge and skill set. Starting this role whilst mum was pregnant meant getting the older kids ready to welcome their new sibling and make it a lovely and exciting time for them also. Supporting the family as a whole in any way they needed in the upcoming days and to the birth and days following, involving sole care of older siblings whilst mum and baby were in hospital. Taking care of the newborn, included general care (bathing, nappy changing, dressing and sleeping arrangements), helping siblings to develop a bond with the baby; and keeping a detailed log to help parents track their baby’s routine, feeding times, sleeping patterns etc. Other skills during my time with this family involved breastfeeding support until the baby's first birthday, weaning, sleep support, sole charge of all 3, potty training.

Feb 2020 — Mar 2020

Temporary nanny position for a newborn, 3 year old and 5 year old whilst their mum was unwell only out of hospital. This involved supporting the whole family bringing a newborn to the family home, and supporting mum to breastfeed and looking after baby whilst assisting mum to get back to full health and taking sole charge of the older siblings.

Jan 2020 — Jan 2020

Temp nanny for an 18 month old carrying out daily routine, preparing meals, taking her to local activities and helping with basic household duties.

Nanny @ Meribel Nanny Services
Jan 2019 — May 2019

My second season in the 3 Valleys I worked for a nanny company which catered for the whole resort working with different ages ranging from 3months to 12years. I also worked with some returning families from my previous season upholding positive professional relationships and feedback each week.

Nanny @ My Travel/Temporary Nanny
May 2018 — Dec 2018

Finland, Croatia, France, Austria, Europe
I have had the opportunity to travel with families whilst on their holidays. It is a job in which flexibility and reliability are key. I have completed a number of different roles ranging from one week to four month periods including new born babies to children aged 8 years old. These roles involved working very closing with families as the arrangements were all live in, some which also included a lot of travelling with the families. Blending into the family environments whilst remaining professional was a skill that I have thoroughly developed during this time.

Nanny @ Meriski
Jan 2018 — May 2018

Nanny for a chalet company in the French Alps. This included caring for children aged 6 months to 10 years with mostly having children of aged 3 and under, including a large percentage being under the age of 18 months, over the course of the season. Each week I met and cared for a new family, this enhanced my adaptability and kept me on my toes. I constructed food plans and activity plans every week. This role gave me responsibility for the children’s well being in which I fully embraced my caregiver role. Everyday I upheld a structured environment while staying active and keeping our time together fun and positive.

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