Jasmine Colman

Temporary/Travel/Maternity Nanny
Temporary/Travel/Maternity Nanny
  • Watford, United Kingdom
  • 1, June 2022

Nurturing, organised, educated and dynamic nanny with 8+ years experience within the childcare and education sector. A good knowledge of the EYFS alongside strong developmental awareness and experience of working with children with Special Educational Needs. Safety conscious, naturally adopting a Montessori style of practice, advocate for the importance of active, outdoor and sensory play.

Currently working as a temporary/travel nanny with strong experience in families with 3 different age children, looking to expand my experience into young babies and newborns - specifically in families where siblings are present.

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BA Childhood Studies with Early Years Educator Qualification
Sep 2014 — Jul 2017


Freelance Temporary/Travel Nanny
Mar 2022 — Jul 2022

A range of short term nanny positions in sole and shared charge role in the UK and abroad:

Temporary Nanny – May 2022
Chelsea, London UK
G – 8m, B- 3yr, B - 4yr
Daily nanny covering permanent nanny’s holiday. Full nanny duties with a mixture of sole and shared charge, including attending formal events, as well as working alongside other household staff.

Holiday Nanny – March/April 2022
Meribel, France
Nanny cover for two different families during ski trips over the Easter holidays. Working alongside another nanny as both groups consisted of 6 children, ranging in age from 18 months to 10 years to provide fun activities in the snow and around resort.

Nov 2020 — Mar 2022

Putney London
G – Newborn, B – 3 yrs, B – 4 yrs
Full nanny duties including catering for multiple allergies, some home schooling during COVID lockdown, and long haul international travel. A mix of sole and shared charge.

Freelance Temporary/Travel Nanny
Jun 2019 — Oct 2020

Temporary Nanny - April 2020 to October 2020
Sussex, UK
B- 2yr, G - 4yr
Live in 24/7 care for 6 weeks during COVID-19 lockdown in a very busy, fully staffed household. Returned to the family for a further 7 weeks of 24/5 live in nannying, followed by periods of two weeks on/off Rota Nannying – a mixture of sole and shared charge. Full nanny duties including home schooling.

Holiday Nanny – August 2020
Wiltshire, UK
B- 3yr, G – 3yr
Live in holiday nanny job for 3 yr old twins for one week. Full nanny duties working alongside another nanny and 3 additional children.

Temporary/Emergency Nanny - March 2020
London UK
B- 5yr, B - 7yr
Live in care of two brothers with autism and very high support needs for 1 week. Full nanny duties alongside some homeschooling.

Proxy Parent - March 2020
London UK
B - 2yr, B - 10m
Sole charge 24 hour care of two children for 4 days and 4 nights. Full nanny duties.

Temporary Nanny - February 2020
Cambridge, UK
B - 7m
Mostly sole charge of 7 month old for 50 hours a week spread over daytime and evenings, for 4 weeks. Working in a formal, staffed household. Full nanny duFes.

Proxy Parent - January 2020
Fulham, London UK
B - 22m, B - 7m
Sole charge 24 hour care of two children for up to 4 days and 4 nights at a Fme regularly throughout January. Full nanny duties.

Holiday Nanny - November/December 2019
Sri Lanka
G - 7yr, B - 14m
A mixture of sole and shared charge of two children for 11 days and nights on holiday, full nanny duties. International long haul travel/flight assistance, including packing.

Proxy Parent - November 2019
New York City, USA
G - 7yr
Sole charge 24 hour care of one child for 9 days and nights. Full nanny duFes including homework help, as
well as a sole charge international long haul flight with the child and all related responsibilities.

Proxy Parent - November 2019
G - 5yr, G - 8yr, B - 10yr, G - 11yr
Belfast UK
Sole charge of 4 children for 8 days and nights. Full nanny duties, including homework help.

Temporary Nanny - August 2019
Fowey, Cornwall UK
B - 3m, B - 18m
Shared charge of two children with grandparents for 2.5 weeks. Full nanny duties.

Temporary Nanny - July 2019
Cheltenham UK
B - 8m, G - 6yr
Mostly sole charge 24/7 care of two children for 12 days. Full nanny duties

Proxy Parent - June 2019
Belfast UK
G - 5yr, G - 8yr, B - 10yr, G - 11yr
Sole charge of 4 children for 4 days and nights. Full nanny duties, including homework help.

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