How to Legally Protect Your Online Childcare Business (with Sarah Kornblet Waldbuesser)


Legally protecting your content and intellectual property is important stuff 

Attention all childcare business owners:  

It's so easy to want to park all the legal stuff…..

Sarah Kornblet Waldbuesser is a lawyer by trade with an impressive history of working for many small online business owners.

In today’s episode, Sarah is going to share the number 1 thing you need to protect your business, and the key mistakes many businesses make, and how you can avoid them.

You will learn: 

00:05 – How to put a contract in place with your client

00:25 – Purchasing a contract made by an Attorney who knows your industry

03:37 – The common ‘legal' mistakes entrepreneurs make

04:00 – The importance of having a contract in place with your client

06:28 – Different types of contracts

07:09 – Working one to one – Coaching Contract

07:45 – Sleep Coaching – Includes Payments, Refund Policy, Liability Protection

08:17 – Running an Online Course – Terms of conditions

08:45 – Terms of Purchase contract

09:48 – Paying someone or being paid – either way contracts should be in place

11:37 – What legal information to consider

11:55 – Website terms and services and disclaimers

13:00 – Privacy policy

13:17 – Collecting email addresses, ad's, cookies

15:20 – Copyright and trademarks

16:40 – Registering your copyright with the Government

18:24 – International Trademark

18:52 – Where to trademark your business / service

19:00 – Add-on trademarks

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My guest today, Sarah Kornblet Waldbuesser, is sharing the number 1 thing you need to your business, and the key mistakes many businesses make, and how you can avoid them.