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3 Ways For Sleep & Parenting Consultants To Get More Clients, While Reclaiming Their Time

Is this you?

→ You’re feeling frustrated and stuck in your business because you want to help more parents but you don’t have any extra capacity in your business (without running yourself into the ground).

→ You’ve hit a ceiling in your income because you can’t take on more 1-to-1 clients, and you’re worried that you can only put your prices up so much before they see you as ‘too expensive’ and turn to your competitors instead.

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can REALLY scale your one to one service supporting families, without losing the quality that goes hand in hand with providing a tailored service to each of your clients…

I want to reassure you that this is the question all my students ask me.

And the short answer is YES YOU CAN!

The Free Webinar will Show you:

  • Why the belief that scaling and working with parents in a group program framework will result in your delivering a sub-standard service is wrong, and the surprising reasons why this format will give your clients a SUPERIOR transformation.
  • How niching down and limiting who you serve will open the doors to better clients and a waitlist of people wanting to work with you.
  • Why you don’t need a huge social media following or marketing budget to scale up successfully.
  • My simple “3 C’s of Success” format for creating a program that helps your clients achieve better and faster success.
  • How to set up a simple, evergreen, marketing system that fills your programs every time.

Speaking From Experience…

Hi, If we haven’t officially met, my name is Emma Dewey and I love to help build and scale businesses (my own, plus my fellow baby and childcare experts) through the power of online courses.

Not only have I grown my own postnatal childcare business through building and scaling online courses, i’ve also worked with thought leaders in the parenting and sleep coaching field to build, launch and successfully scale their signature courses.

Plus I have supported hundreds of parenting specialists and sleep consultants to grow their businesses. Supporting them to share their genius and make even more of an impact in the world.

“I generated a month's income in 10 days. This program has been transformational for not only me but also my families”

Karla Legg, Holistic Sleep Coach

“I got so many new followers and new email subscribers. I completely sold out my first program, which was outstanding. I didn't even believe it myself”

Christina Lubrano, Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant

“I already have a waitlist of parents asking how they can join the program. I have earned back so much more than I invested, just from my beta program.”

Michelle Brown, Holistic Sleep Coach

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