We’re hiring a Community Success Manager!!

Are you an outgoing, friendly, tech-savvy superstar who LOVES supporting and encouraging others? Do you enjoy being the conduit between problem and solution? If you’re yelling “YES!” at the screen right now, keep on reading…

We are on a mission to challenge the mainstream narrative in the sleep and postnatal care industry and create countless success ripples by empowering passionate individuals to provide responsive support to families, making a profound impact on parents' lives!

Our team is committed to making sure each person who reaches out to learn more about how we can help them feels supported. We want them to get the direction and the information they need without any obstacles.

The primary focus of the Community Success Manager is to spearhead those efforts by being the main point of contact to ensure anyone who reaches out receives everything they need to be successful. We see this person managing the flow of contact from community (customer support) to lead (sales team assistant) to client (client support).

Your main focus will be supporting our Holistic Sleep Coaching Program; however, you will also be supporting Babyem programs.

Our ideal candidate is someone who is highly organized, detail-oriented, and energized by working in a fast-paced environment. You can navigate many different projects, deadlines, and competing brand priorities with ease.

You are visually creative and enjoy telling stories through a visual medium. You can learn a brand or product and successfully translate that through an interplay of text, images, and video content to elevate brand presentation.

You are a natural coach and enjoy talking people through their blocks so that they finally get that “ah-ha” moment and can continue on. You’re more of a “teach a person to fish” than to fish for them.

You are excited to learn our programs inside and out, not in an effort to further your knowledge in sleep and postnatal care, but to truly provide the absolute best support and guidance to members of our community. 

This is a work-from-home position that will report directly to our Director and will also work closely with other key members of the team. This role is part-time (with the opportunity to become a full-time role in the future).

There is plenty of freedom and flexibility in the schedule to take care of personal tasks. However, we generally work 9 AM to 5 PM UK time and would expect you to be available during those hours.  

There are times when the workload will be much higher than others and we are looking for someone who is committed to “getting the job done”. We are a tiny but mighty team and are able to operate efficiently because each one of us is fiercely committed to upholding the integrity of the brand. 

We are looking for a like-minded person who is willing to make that same commitment. This is not a good fit for someone who is looking for “more hours” or a “side gig”. 


    • Create and implement new ideas and community initiatives, strategizing and coordinating content that aligns with the company’s mission and vision, while working closely with Lyndsey and Emma.

    • Manage daily tasks within our Facebook groups, ensuring that community policies and procedures are upheld and addressing challenges using our established protocols.

    • Respond to community comments and customer queries promptly, demonstrating a thorough understanding of our programs.

    • Comfortably and confidently create and write content for use in our Facebook communities, emails, and social media posts.

    • Keep a pulse on community conversations to learn more about their needs and relay feedback and findings back to the team.

    • Inspire more community engagement by answering questions, providing resources, and highlighting customer successes, regardless of scale.

    • Increase community and customer retention by pre-emptively providing resources that help individuals overcome obstacles, always leading with compassion and understanding.

    • Develop a deep understanding of our ideal viewer and client to continue being the most relevant for them.

    • Ensure messaging and content clarity across all marketing materials, platforms, and web pages.

    • Create and optimize systems and processes related to community and content management.


Content Creation

    • Create and manage a community/content calendar to ensure we are proactive in recognizing important events, timely with our content plan, sensitive to global events, and clearly communicating relevant updates to our community.

    • Liaise with our Automation Agency coordinators and graphic designers to ensure all weekly content tasks are completed on time and aligned with our standard of excellence, including the monitoring and addressing of comments across social platforms.

    • Coordinate with Lyndsey to create the content plan on a monthly and weekly basis for the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program (HSCP), and with Emma for broader Babyem tasks.

    • Assign tasks to Emma and Lyndsey to fulfil the requirements of the calendar.

Community Support

    • Ensure graduates are supported and empowered to reach the finish line in our programs.

    • Support Lyndsey and Emma during live sessions and engage the community in real time to answer questions and confirm all links are working.

    • Write monthly newsletters, case studies, and lead generation emails for the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program and other Babyem programs.

    • Prepare Typeform recaps for coaching calls, upload the replays, and schedule reminders.

    • Manage affiliate requests in Asana and via email.

    • Organize and deliver a monthly accountability call for our Holistic Sleep Coaching Program.

    • Organize and deliver a monthly welcome session for our Holistic Sleep Coaching Program.

    • Monitor YouTube channels and ensure comments are responded to in a timely manner.

    • Present a content plan for the month for static content to Lyndsey and Emma on a monthly and weekly basis, tying in important events and celebratory months.

    • Manage and organize the FAQ sheet.

Close of day

    • Ensure all emails in the Holistic Sleep Coaching inbox have been cleared. 

How to Apply

    • Attach your resume
    • Tell us what your desired hourly rate is based on this role description.
    • Confirm you understand that the role is part-time and state the number of hours you are available.
    • Include your contact information so we can reach out to you if we’d like to set up an interview.
    • Name.
    • City.
    • Email.
    • Phone number.
    • Shoot us a video (MAX 5 minutes), answer the following, upload it here! (Don’t forget to say your name in the video!)

NOTE: The goal of this video is to give you the opportunity to share your personality as well as insights into your skills and experience while keeping brevity in mind. (We will receive tons of videos, so we’ll appreciate your brevity more than you know!) 


    • After reading the job description, why do you feel you are a strong fit?
    • We all run into challenges at work. Share with us one scenario involving an exceptionally challenging person or conversation and how you worked through it.
    • Tell us something fun about you! 

Application Deadline

The deadline for applications is Tuesday 21st May at 5pm.

That’s it! We’re looking forward to receiving your information!

Team Babyem



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